When Everything Changed

Guy Cohen and I crossed the busy intersection on Akko’s main thoroughfare. We stood on the corner in front of a local restaurant, the world cup of soccer is on and a few patrons are gathered around a flat screen watching the game. Guy points down at the corner and says, “This is where everything… Read more »


Remembering Until Swords Are Beaten Into Plowshares

In Israel, the day prior to Independence Day (Yom HaAtzma’ut) is Remembrance Day (Yom HaZicharon). As with all holidays in Israel, both these days are reckoned by the Jewish calendar. This year we commemorated these two important days on April 15th and 16th. Sixteen years ago I attended my first Yom HaZicharon ceremony in Israel…. Read more »


How Long?

When we were living in Israel I could not escape the constant reminders of eternity looming just over our horizon. Every day as I drove to the Ohalei Rachamim building I could see Mt Carmel, an igneous reminder of God’s covenant faithfulness to unfaithful Israel. Cana, where Yeshua first “manifested His glory” is just over… Read more »


The Immovable Stone

I can well remember the first thuds of the Katyushas on July 16, 2006. This was the first day that Haifa and the surrounding area came under sustained rocket attack. I had the door open and was ready to leave for the Tents of Mercy building when I heard an unfamiliar sound – Katyusha rockets… Read more »


Harvest of Asher

Fourteen years ago Harvest of Asher Congregation was officially launched in Napoleon’s Park under the shadow of the old tel covering ancient Akko.  I was there that day, a brand new immigrant taking in the wonder of seeing a new congregation born in the land of promise. I assumed the location was selected for its… Read more »


Raising The Banner For The Gentiles

Twelve years ago I went on a three week ministry trip with Eitan Shishkoff. While he was in the USA, I went to New Zealand. A week later we met up in Korea and then on to Japan to complete the journey. We received many wonderful blessings on our excursion but God used this trip… Read more »


Seventy years of Prayer

Juji Nakada first preached about Israel’s restoration at a 1931 camp meeting held on Japan’s northern coast at Matsushima. For three days he preached on God’s promises to Israel and implored Japanese believers to pray for the restoration of Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people. In 1932 Juji Nakada published his book, “Japan… Read more »


Passover at Table No. 6

It was a late afternoon in April and the good folks of Ohalei Rachamim were making final preparations for the community Passover Seder to be held that evening. I  gathered with a crew of volunteers as our event organizer runs through last minute serving instructions. I am responsible for serving the guests at table six… Read more »


Marty’s Story

I grew up in a traditional Jewish home in Montreal. We were not observant, but Jewish identity was central to who we were. We were Jews and we stuck together. We were God’s chosen people, but that status meant little to me except as a barrier that separated us from those who were not. As a… Read more »


Hidden in Plain Sight

The Book of Esther is a curious addition to our Bibles; it poses a number of theological and historical problems and has been the subject of great controversy. The Talmud records that Esther had to convince the Sages to include her story in the Scriptures and the rabbis debated whether the text was inspired by… Read more »