Blessed to Serve

When I was growing up my mother, Katya, would often tell me “When you feel discouraged, look around and see whom you can serve. You will soon find yourself focusing on something other than your own troubles and will be a much happier and more fulfilled person.” It is so fitting that our annual Reshet… Read more »


Facing Adversity with a Smile

Sasha has a twinkle in his eye and a joke for every occasion. I imagine that his mischievous sense of humor and creative approach to life may have presented something of a challenge to his parents and teachers. But there is much more to Sasha than a ready smile and cheerful demeanor. Sasha was born… Read more »


Not So Hidden Treasure

Kingdom parable of the lost sheep At the end of July, our Reshet (Network) Camp once again brought together elementary age children from the Tents of Mercy Network of congregations in northern Israel, for a week of fun and impartation. Each day was full to the brim with activity and fellowship. Israeli volunteer teen-counselors accompanied… Read more »