Shavei Tzion 4th July

Shalom! Greetings in the name of our Messiah. It is wonderful to know that you are praying for us, as we are also praying for you. It is a pleasure having you as our partners in the ministry. That is why we want to share with you that these are days for new opportunities. Unfortunately,… Read more »


Shavuot Newsletter

Shalom! We are rapidly moving towards the holiday of Shavuot (Feast of Weeks), hence, the Sfirat Ha’Omer (literally, “the counting of the Sheaves”) is coming to an end. A few words about Sfirat Ha’Omer Sfirat Ha’Omer is a hint of the willingness of our souls to receive the Torah and God’s spirit. “Omer” – from… Read more »


Liberty or Crisis?

Liberty or Crisis, Defeat or Victory, or just a good lesson?? In Israel, steps to exit the quarantine have already been taken. Those two months were stressful, both economically and for the mental state of the people. Our new government tries to make its first steps towards the economy, education and PUBLIC meetings, of which… Read more »


Building in More Ways than One

Here I am again, with a short update. First, a bit about my family. As I wrote in the previous letter, we are ten people under one roof: my daughter who just got married and didn’t manage to rent an apartment yet, a guy fighting with the Ministry of Interior for his status, and my… Read more »


Are These the So-Called Last Days?

God alone knows the exact times He has set, yet many believers in the Messiah and also Orthodox rabbis affirm that, “We hear the footsteps of the (approaching) Messiah.”   We don’t know where in “The Last Days” we are right now, but I am thoroughly convinced that we are already living in them.  … Read more »


Outreach to New Immigrants in Israel

Shalom Dear Friends! To tell you the truth, I actually much prefer working as a pastor with theology – more than I do writing reports! However, in this ministry I wear several different hats. I am a pastor for just 30 percent of my time, and during the other time I manage the ministry and… Read more »


Valentina’s Testimony

From the very childhood their family home was filled with music Valentina was playing piano and writing songs. For sure when the Lord gave her and her husband children, they believed that they would also inherit the love for music and art. The oldest son of them, Daniel, is 11 years old and he is… Read more »


Love, Hope and Faith

In 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Rav Shaul (Apostle Paul) describes the true meaning of love. In thirteen short verses, he sets a whole new standard for real love. This “love letter” was sent to the church in Corinth, which consisted of Jewish believers in Yeshua from Corinth, Ephesus and the surrounding regions, as well as Gentiles who were… Read more »


Shavei Tzion August Update

130 students have graduated – excelling in Music and Art With the last concert on July 9th our Music and Art School has completed the school year, from September 2018 until July 2019. At the music and art departments of the school about 130 children have been studying. The past year was quite intense and… Read more »


The Gifts & Recovering Man’s Calling

The world and everything in it belong to God, for He is the ultimate Creator. He gave dominion and rule over the created world to man (Genesis 1:26-28). I believe that when a person is in harmony with God’s Spirit, creativity is increased and he is better able to generate ideas, “mastermind” plans and complete… Read more »