Depth of Soul, End of Days

We read in Revelation 7:13-17 that God will wipe away every tear from the eyes of those who come out of the great tribulation. To wipe away the tears of another, you must look into their eyes. When Yeshua comes and wipes the tears from our eyes, He will look through them as the window into our… Read more »


The Flow

How do we teach a generation of children to go against the flow? How do we as believers, raise them to be at peace with their apparently conflicting identities: both “in the world” and also “not of it?” In our case they must learn to be both Jewish and also followers of Yeshua. This means going… Read more »


Obstacles on the Journey

When a baby is born we get so excited! Our hearts open wide. A glow of blessing rests visibly on the mother and the newborn. Life is a gift from God, yet the destiny of each newborn is known only to his or her Creator. Where will his journey take him? What will she do in her… Read more »


To Dwell: The Promise and The Challenge

The first waves of immigration to Israel experienced great hardship. The settlers faced many practical economic challenges and opposition from some Moslem residents as they struggled to create a habitable environment in deserts and malaria ridden swamps. They bought land with donated money, established cities, built villages and kibbutzim. Later, immigrants who came soon after… Read more »