The Least of These

The New Mexico State Penitentiary was an intimidating place. Each time I entered the facility the huge steel gate clanged shut behind me. Then, with each further penetration of the highly secured prison, another heavy door closed, as I was taken deeper and deeper into the institution. Finally I arrived at the chapel where I… Read more »


Teach Us To Number Our Days

My dad has a folder on the desktop of his computer. In it are instructions, in the form of a chart, addressed to my sister and me about what to do when he or Mom or both of them pass off the scene. He began working on this chart years ago and insisted that we… Read more »



AWAKENING The Hebrew word for revival is “awakening.” As a community, we recently set aside five days to fast and pray for spiritual awakening. Sensing a dryness of routine, longing for more of Messiah’s resurrection life, feeling too distant from our fellow Israelis – the Tents of Mercy elders decided it was time take action…. Read more »


God’s Mystery Thriller

The flight from Hong Kong to Osaka found me tired, but unable to sleep. With a personal movie screen imbedded in the seat in front of me, what was I to do, but surf through the inexhaustible film options available? I chose a mystery based on an unsolved series of murder cases in 1960’s San… Read more »


Come Out Of The Cave

We live in the shadow of Mt. Carmel, the scene of Elijah’s epic confrontation with the prophets of Baal. That seems pretty relevant today, in light of the battle for true worship in an increasingly secular nation. Seeing the mountain every day of our lives, the story of Elijah feels close and current. In Elijah’s… Read more »


60/60 Vision

It was a pivotal year in history; 1948 – only three years after a war that had engulfed the world. That conflict introduced weapons of destruction on such a massive scale that mankind has been trying to ban them ever since. New nations were being born (Republic of Korea) and old ones were either being… Read more »


I Will Send You

At what age I first became aware of suffering in the world I don’t remember. Perhaps it was the playground persecution of Eric Cutler, a boy who looked and acted different than the rest of us and thus became a scapegoat. I occasionally tried to defend him, but not very heroically. Later, my suburban teenage… Read more »