Fanning the Flame… or Just Getting By?

  Newlywed couple for whom I officiated On a recent summer evening in the foothills below Jerusalem I stood under the chuppah wedding canopy with an Israeli princess bride and her prince charming. The chuppah is just about my favorite place to be in the universe. Why? Because there we experience the holy presence of… Read more »


Renewed Idealism

  Eitan with harmonica and dog The exhibit at the New Mexico History Museum was called “Voices of Counterculture in the Southwest”. We walked into one of the alcoves, entitled “Placitas”. This was the name of the small town outside of Albuquerque where Connie and I enjoyed our January 1969 honeymoon in a cave, and… Read more »


Baruch Haba 2017

Praying for Jewish and Arab pastors in Akko Andre our guide with mustard seeds With congregational leader Avishalom Hearing that I chose to accompany a ten day, two bus, ninety person, ten nation intercessory tour 24/7, several of my Israeli Messianic leadership colleagues cautioned me against over-exertion. But, honestly, I had a blast. We laughed,… Read more »


Meeting Moussa

We thought it would be cool to film in an old olive grove in the Galilee. The gnarled trunks and endless rows of trees took us back in time. It was only when we met Moussa that we realized just how far back in time the olives had taken us. Author with Moussa Moussa (Arabic… Read more »


New Life in Nazareth

On a vibrantly beautiful Shabbat spring morning I am greeted at Netzer HaGalil Congregation with warm smiles and loving hugs. This fellowship was planted in Nazareth in 2004 by our own daughter congregation in Haifa, Shavei Tzion (Return to Zion). Netzer, in Hebrew, is a sprout, shoot, offspring, young branch, or a descendant. “New life budding in the Galilee,”… Read more »


A Trail to Follow

Let’s face it. We all want to see God move in miraculous ways. After all, wasn’t that Yeshua’s calling card? Wasn’t that the apostles’ validation of the gospel message? And what about the prophets of Israel? Didn’t they portend the outpouring of the Spirit with signs and wonders in the last days, leading up to… Read more »


Not Alone

The passage from childhood to adult life is strewn with jagged obstacles. Dobson compares it to a wide, calm river that suddenly turns into narrow, deadly rapids. This phase of life that we call “the teenage years” is challenging in any 21st century culture – with its waves of sewage instantly available on every smartphone… Read more »


One Generation to Another

“One generation shall praise your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” (Psalm 145:4) Twenty years is the minimum benchmark duration of one generation. A twenty-one year process came to fruition on December 3, 2016. That process began with the founding of the Tents of Mercy congregation. I was privileged to found the… Read more »


Mutual Humility

When a man kneels before you it’s hard to remain standing. It feels weird to look down at someone when they’re kneeling before you in abject humility. In a Jerusalem conference I found myself in this position before a highly respected veteran Korean church leader. He was repenting for his country’s callousness toward Jewish suffering,… Read more »


Breathe & Believe

During a recent stretch of emotional stress, overwhelmed by the demands, opportunities, and life assignments too big for me, I cried out to the Lord. Searching for a way to cope with/get out of that trapped, stuck feeling – a word came to me from an unlikely source. I remembered the technique Connie and I… Read more »