Weeping Priests and Dry Bones

Israel is not only our ancient homeland; it is our home. More than anything, we long for our countrymen to know Yeshua personally as Redeemer and King.  This demands the intervention of God’s Spirit, touching individual Israelis. So, feeling desperate for the power of God, I am supremely interested in the “when and how” of… Read more »


A Conversation with I AM

It’s only a conversation. But the immortal dialogue between God and Moses in Exodus 3 alters history and reveals an over-looked facet of the Almighty. From a blazing fire comes a voice. That voice comes from an intelligent Being. That Being is interacting with a human, conversationally! When the LORD saw that he turned aside… Read more »


I Will Send You

At what age I first became aware of suffering in the world I don’t remember.  Perhaps it was the playground persecution of Eric Cutler, a boy who looked and acted different than the rest of us and thus became a scapegoat. I occasionally tried to defend him, but not very heroically. Later, my suburban teenage… Read more »



I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. (Revelation 3:15) With these words in the final book of the Bible, Yeshua challenges His end-time followers to a life of passion. David the Psalmist was a man of passion whose flaming heart for God spilled… Read more »


Where the Oil Flows

This is a touching and poignant account of a trip to the Far East originally posted in July, 2003 Sitting cross-legged on the matted floor of a traditional Japanese home I looked out of the window at a simple but vibrant garden. My hosts, Takeo and Tomoko Muraoka and Naoji Ishida had spread before me… Read more »


God’s Heart in the Last Days

Sitting in a mountain field as a new believer, I read words that altered the course of my life. “When He saw the multitudes…He said to His disciples ‘Truly the harvest is great but the laborers are few. Pray therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into His harvest’” (Matthew 9:37, 38)…. Read more »


Reflections on the Legacy of Marc Chopinsky (1950-2018)

What is the measure of one life?  What does a man or woman leave behind? How can I live my life, knowing that one day I will no longer be here, with my wife/children/grandchildren/friends? These and many more existential questions rise to the surface when someone we dearly love dies. In October of this year… Read more »


An Open Letter To Paul Wilbur

On September 25, 2018 Paul Wilbur gave a concert in Jerusalem, created a live recording, and touched many hearts. I was there. He’s been doing this for some 40 years, and we’ve been friends for 37 of those years. I’ve written him this letter to express what happened inside me during the event. Dear Paul,… Read more »


His Kingdom Came in our Midst

“What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?” we asked the 84 Israeli Messianic youth at the outset of this year’s Katzir (harvest) national, summer conference. Together we realized that when Yeshua said “Your Kingdom Come,” it was not mainly a reference to some future event, but an immediate prayer that His kingdom be expressed in… Read more »


A Message From The Cassette Tape Archives

Connie and I got inspired this summer to clean out and reorganize our storage shed. Amidst boxes and dust and unused scraps of wire, pipe and lumber (saved “just in case”), we found a substantial collection of cassette tapes. Few of us still have cassette tape players anymore. As we went through the tapes one… Read more »