Fire On The Mountain

Worship on the Mountain Nobody knows where the fire fell on Mt. Carmel in the days of Elijah.  Nevertheless, gathering our congregations together there on the Day of Shavuot (Pentecost) one year, I couldn’t help feeling enhanced expectation for our time. Firefalling from heaven is a phenomenon signaling God’s sovereign intervention. At key moments in… Read more »


Gentile Kings and Jewish Prophets

As a high school student in the early 1960’s I dreamed for world peace. The concept of one benign government that could unify the globe in justice and compassion appealed to me. After graduation, I advanced to the draft-dodging, demonstrating in the streets phase. By late 1968 I had failed to unify the world. It… Read more »


You’ve Never Been This Way

The entire Bible is about men and women like us. They struggled with feelings of fear and inadequacy. Yet when they yielded ALL to GOD … something happened. HE showed up. This is what I experienced in Brazil. When my son Avi was 18 years old, he was scheduled to begin his service in the… Read more »


The Cloud Is Moving

What was it like when the cloud moved? I always envisioned it as some glorious, exciting time, filled with the anticipation of new territory. But now I’m picking up on another element. “The cloud is moving! The cloud is moving! Quick everyone, it’s time to pack up, there’s no time to waste. Hurry. Don’t forget… Read more »


“I learned about God from Atheists”

Classical music occupies a revered place in Russian culture. Thus when a live classical performance is available, Russian Jewish Israelis like to come. Seome while ago, Tents of Mercy held a concert that drew scores of music connoisseurs, opening the way for them to hear Yeshua’s symphony of salvation at the same time. Weaving strands… Read more »


No Longer Alone

“I don’t know another soul here,” I thought to myself during the class break, feeling distant from the other adult students I was observing. I began to face the fact that, in a way, we are always alone. That is, we are bound within our mind, our consciousness, our self. Even our closest friends, even… Read more »


True Community – Emotional Health

A young father attempts suicide. A high school girl comes to you in tears because she’s pregnant out of wedlock. A group of women set up a meeting to find answers regarding their alcoholic husbands. A member of the evangelistic team has an affair with an outreach prospect. A beautiful young mother tells her husband… Read more »


Best Wave of the Day

Needing desperately to re-connect with God, I headed for the beach late one Monday afternoon. An exhilarating variety of dark cloud formations moving to stately tempos, dwarfed the sizable port city of Haifa, perched atop Mt. Carmel. The Almighty riveted me with this scene, drawing me up and out of myself – to Him. To… Read more »


Camaraderie Forged in the Crucible

Camaraderie Forged in the Crucible The auditorium is filled with Israeli soldiers and their families. The soldiers are leadership candidates and have completed one of the most grueling portions of their combat training. They’ve marched all night with heavy loads in a “masah” which roughly translates as “trek.” Each soldier’s name is called out. Each… Read more »


A New Season for Israeli Unity

Surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, wherever they have gone, and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land; and I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king over them all …… Read more »