Loyalty And Lasting Relationships

Loyalty begins with the importance of friendship. For 35 years I shared my faith with a Jewish friend from my school days; finally, twenty years ago, this friend embraced faith in Yeshua. For many years it had looked hopeless.  There had been little response, and our conversations were often repeated.  His life was full of… Read more »


The World View Question

We are presently living in an age with opponents to our Biblical faith.  I would like to focus on one of these opponents in this article: Secular Relativism. I do not include other opponents like Hinduism or Communism in China because these other “isms” are not nearly as consistent in their opposition nor as effective…. Read more »


Bibi Wins a Fifth Term

Benjamin Netanyahu (nicknamed Bibi) has for now solidified his leadership in Israel. I think many in Israel voted for him because they felt safer with the continuity of his leadership. In my opinion there are many positives and many negatives for Israel in having another term with Bibi as Prime Minister. Here are some likely… Read more »


A New Holocaust

This article was originally written by Dr Juster in 2007, but the current climate in Israel and the accurate diagnosis of the greatest threat make it worth reading again in the light of what is going on today. It was the most alarming and depressing article I had read in years. A professor of Middle… Read more »


Zionism And Justice

Ten or so years ago I walked into an airport bookstore and saw Jimmy Carter’s (then) new book on Israel and the Palestinians. At the time, there was been quite a commotion over this book. Carter used the word ‘apartheid’ to describe the potential of Israeli policies – I feared the worst. What I found… Read more »


The Cave and the Shadows

What does Plato’s well known analogy on reality have to do with the Church and Messianic Judaism? Plato described life in a cave with its dim lights and shadows as an analogy for those who live in the world of sensory experience and never come to a true understanding of reality or the full light… Read more »


Jerusalem, The Stumbling Stone

When King David chose Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, he never dreamed that the city would be the focus of world controversy 3000 years later. Jerusalem became a center of warfare in many periods: the Roman, the early Islamic, the crusades, the British mandate period, and most of all at the present time…. Read more »


In The Cross Of Messiah I Glory

The title is a quote from a great old Christian hymn, written in 1825 by John Bowring, an English linguist, parliamentarian and diplomat. I have chosen this title after careful reflection. Let me explain my reasons for doing so. The Messianic Jewish Movement faces many challenges. There are many foundational emphases which must be constantly… Read more »


Dry Bones And Israel’s Restoration

Ezekiel 37 was written in the time of the destruction of the First Commonwealth of Israel in the Promised Land. This was concluded with the last Babylonian deportation and the destruction of Israel in 586 B.C.  However, the situation of Israel after the “Shoah”, the destruction of European Jewry (1940-1945), more precisely fits the description… Read more »


Four Principles Of Biblical Success

What is success? In the New Covenant Scriptures, there is one way and only one way to define success for congregations. It is the fulfillment of the command of Yeshua to make disciples.  Yeshua defines making disciples in these terms, “Disciple the nations … baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and… Read more »