Role Models

Attacks Against Religion Recently there has been a spate of books attacking religion and belief in God as a dangerous deception. Other books have been written to refute this thesis. Those who make the case against Christianity in particular do not examine all the facts but select only the evidence that supports their perspective. Parallel… Read more »


Calendar Confusion

It has become common for Christians seeking to recover the Jewish roots of their faith to claim that the Church celebrations are on the wrong dates and therefore these Church dates are of pagan origin. Christians holding to this view seek a return to “God’s appointed feasts.” (Lev. 23) I have generally found that Messianic Jews… Read more »


Shrunken Cloth

“No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. If he does, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse.” (Mark 2:21) All three Synoptic Gospels record this analogy to answer the question why the disciples of Yeshua do not fast like the disciples of the Pharisees and… Read more »


Discipline: The Proof of Love

Recently I came into contact with some people that are connected to a very famous European church. One of these folks expressed distress that many of the young adults were living together out of wedlock, and others were having sexual relations without the commitment of marriage. Because they had attended my leadership seminar, their eyes… Read more »


Approaching Rabbinic Tradition

Controversy over Rabbinic Tradition A few months ago an intense controversy was ignited in the Messianic Jewish community here in Israel. An Israeli leader in the Messianic community who is supportive of Rabbinic Judaism, sent an invitation to fellow leaders to come together to discuss our relationship to Jewish rabbinic traditions. Another leader replied to… Read more »


Discipleship: Embracing The Most Foundational Commandments

To understand the most foundational commandments is the first and most important rung of the ladder of discipleship. Those Messianic Jews – and Gentiles who have joined them – who do not have an ambivalent attitude to commandments are poised on that rung – we know that we are a commanded people! We understand that… Read more »


What Does God Like?

Never have I seen so much confusion in the world. Here are some examples: Our western political leaders continue to claim that Islam is a peaceful and loving religion. So, why are so many bombs going off and so many people being killed? Some would say that Islam has been hijacked by radicals who do not represent… Read more »


Why Is Discipleship So Difficult?

An overdue and healthy conversation is now taking place in America concerning the effectiveness of the western churches in making disciples. Recently the debate intensified when Willow Creek Community Church Pastor, Bill Hybels admitted that his “seeker-friendly” congregation did not produce transformational change in the lives of its members. That is, the members were not discipled. Sociologist,… Read more »


Building a Fence Around The Torah

The famous rabbinical maxim to “build a fence around the law” was originally published in the Talmudic tract, Pirque Avot (Ethics of the Fathers). The basic thinking is as follows: We do not want to violate the Torah. If we create extra laws to protect the Torah, and we obey those extra laws, then we… Read more »


The Afterlife

Biblical Belief in the Afterlife: a Foundation for our Society How important is biblical belief for the good of our society? In the 18th century, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, though not a Christian, put forth arguments that still have great force. Immanual Kant argued that three beliefs were important to a society… Read more »