Retiring the Religious Spirit

Have you heard any of the following phrases? “They have a religious spirit.” “That certainly got rid of any religious spirits that might have been present!” “Christianity is not a religion but a relationship.” The Religious Spirit Accusation I frequently hear these sorts of comments, especially in charismatic circles. These statements are part of the… Read more »


Covenant Love and Covenant Commitments

Some months ago a dear friend approached us with a question about core values. She began by noting that one leader she knew was only interested in giving time to leaders and groups that believed in signs and wonders. Another leader stated that he was only interested in giving time to those mentoring 24/7 prayer… Read more »


Five Fold Ministries: Why Do We Care?

It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the Body of Messiah may be built up until we reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the… Read more »


Immersion of the Holy Spirit

Availability of the Spirit Before the New Covenant Period Last month I was involved in an intense discussion with a Tikkun congregational leader concerning the availability of the Holy Spirit before the coming of Yeshua. The leader convinced me that much more was available in the time of preparation, that is the pre-New Covenant period…. Read more »


The Necessity of Infrastructure

Modern Societies and Infrastructure Modern societies require a huge amount of infrastructure. So much so that it is often taken for granted. Many unseen aspects of a prosperous society are absolutely essential to that prosperity. They include such things as the electrical grid, roads, bridges, railroads, gas lines, water mains, communication cables, towers and much… Read more »


The Purpose of The United States

When you receive this newsletter, we should be sometime between the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles and the American celebration of Thanksgiving. In the Jewish feast we remember the time in the wilderness when God supplied all our needs. We dwell in tents or sukkot for seven days and we celebrate the last, ingathering harvest… Read more »


The World Needs Love

Burt Bacharach was no preacher but he proclaimed a message in song we all intuitively understand: love is the crucial ingredient to bring healing and wholeness to the world. “What the world needs now” is not about love as romantic attraction or adulation for another person – the love the world needs is much deeper… Read more »


The Content of Our Worship

Do you long for greater depth in the content of your worship? Does it seem that contemporary worship is lacking in depth of content? How does our worship content compare with historic Judaism and Christianity? A few years ago, a historian noted that the old Methodist worship hymnal had great depth of content that those who… Read more »


Religious Coercion and Liberty of Conscience

Genuine religious liberty is one of the most remarkable legacies of the United States. We often do not appreciate that this legacy is of recent origin. We look in vain though history for another state, country or community whose laws enshrined genuine religious liberty. Here is a little background. Liberty and the Ancient World In… Read more »


Islam, Violent Jihad and Israel

I am continually perplexed when I have heard Western political leaders defending Islam as a loving, peaceful and tolerant religion. It is as if they are saying, “Please, please, please be tolerant, peaceful and loving, because if you are not, and the true face of Islam is the jihadists, then we will be scared to death… Read more »