Touch Not God’s Anointed

In I Samuel 26:9-11 we read about David’s refusal to take the life of King Saul even though Saul was pursuing David and seeking his death. David had Saul trapped, and Abishai, David’s soldier, asked permission to kill Saul. David responds: “Do not destroy him; for who can stretch out his hand against the Lord’s… Read more »


Grieving Over the Condition of the World

C. S. Lewis stated that he did not spend time reading the newspapers.1 They were too depressing and did not give God’s perspective. I do know intercessors who read the news regularly to be informed for intercession, but they do this with discernment if they are mature. World News is Depressing In recent months I have… Read more »


Recovering Male Spirituality

Men and Women are Different The great classic by George Guilder, Men and Marriage, presents a strong case that there are different characteristics and proclivities that distinguish men and women. Society becomes confused because not every man and woman fits the pattern of these predominant characteristics. Yet, society makes a mistake when it seeks to force… Read more »


The Biblical Origin of Human Rights

All Hebrew students in our third level (gimmel) Hebrew class this past semester were required to give a speech to the class in Hebrew. I chose to speak on the issue of the foundation of human rights. It was no small task for me to do this in the Hebrew language. However, I think the… Read more »


A Culture of Responsibility and Accountability

Discipleship: Our First Responsibility The greatest task of leaders is to develop discipleship patterns in their communities. As I have emphasized many times, Yeshua defines discipleship in the clearest and simplest terms. Beginning with presenting the Gospel of the Kingdom, He follows with the full commitment of water immersion and then exhorts His disciples to… Read more »


So You’ve Left?

Dear Friend, Greetings from Israel! I want to assure you that I am no stranger to the struggle of faith. I spent my upper class college years and graduate years in an intensive time of skepticism. I made it through to the other side with strong convictions on the truth of the biblical faith. I… Read more »


Messianic Jewish Identity in Israel, The Dangerous Deficit

You would think that the identity of Messianic Jews in Israel would be a well defined and biblically based identity, resistant to all kinds of pressures both from Christian assimilation and from Jewish religious intimidation. Sadly, this is not the case. Though there are important exceptions, Messianic Jewish understanding in Israel is weak, and there… Read more »


Independent or Accountable Network

Consider the following two case studies drawn from real life here in Israel. A thriving congregation with significant outreach programs to the needy, including alcoholics and drug addicts, made great gains for the Kingdom of God in Jerusalem. Then one of the leadership team and a few who supported him came to disagree with the… Read more »


Israel and the Nations: The Key to Understanding the Bible

In mid-July, at the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations Conference, Dr. Craig Blaising presented a theology of Israel and the Church. I was impressed and thrilled with his talk. Who is Dr. Blaising? He is the provost of South Western Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas – the largest Evangelical Seminary in the United… Read more »


Did God Command Genocide?

Did God Really Say? A leading British Evangelical Theologian denies that God ever commanded Israel to wipe out the Canaanites under Joshua’s leadership (Deuteronomy 7:16, 24, 20:16-19, 31:5, Joshua 6:17). He believes this was a fantasy of the Israeli tribes, projected onto God and then “written back” into the text of the Bible. He further goes… Read more »