The Israel Anamoly

An anomaly is something that just does not fit into common categories. It deviates from what is normal or expected. Israel is an anomaly, a unique and peculiar people before God and among the nations. This confirms the prophecies that promise Israel will be an instrument for the return of Yeshua and the salvation of the… Read more »


A Window Into Israel’s Spiritual Climate

I recently finished reading the current #1 best seller in Israel, Catch the Jew!, by Tuvia Tenenbom. It was recommended to me by one of our young leaders. The book is sometimes bawdy, crass and indeed irreverent. And yet, this man of letters does provide a window into the reality of Israel and the Palestinians today…. Read more »


A Contradiction?

“Circumcision has value if you observe the law.” (Romans 2:25) “Circumcision is nothing and un-circumcision is nothing. Keeping God’s commands is what is what counts.” (I Corinthians 7:19) What ?! Romans and First Corinthians 7 seem on the surface to be contradictory! Romans 11 affirms the continued calling of the Jewish people, even that their acceptance in… Read more »


Indoctrination VS Discipleship

Historically, the meaning of these two words has often coincided, but in today’s usage they are very different. Understanding that difference can help us analyze why so many young people in the Western world have been lost to our faith, and can assist in preparing a new generation to be valiant in faith, commitment and effective Kingdom… Read more »


Are Gay Rights Wrong?

Just before the Feast of Shavuot this year, Israel’s justice minister, Tzipi Livni, performed a wedding for two gay men. Such ceremonies are not legally recognized by the State of Israel thanks to Orthodox Jewish political power. So there is a barrier to embracing homosexual marriage. For this, I am grateful. Yet, homosexuality is a… Read more »


Choosing Community & Leadership

Over the last several years, I have asserted what I take to be an axiomatic statement: If you are not part of building congregational community under an eldership, you are outside of the will of God. This could be due to rebellion to the revealed will of God, or it could be out of ignorance of… Read more »


A Land Without a People & A People Without a Land

This phrase was used in the 1800s and into the 1900s for the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. The Jews in the diaspora were a people without a land. The Land of Israel, it was said, was a land without a people. The Palestinian Arabs, including many Arab Christians, are greatly offended… Read more »


A Deeper Look at Atheism

My heart is again burdened in ongoing dialogue with young people in Israel who are wrestling with the faith of their Messianic Jewish upbringing as compared to agnosticism and atheism. The percentage of young people following in the faith of their parents here in Israel is higher than in some Western nations. Yet, I continue to… Read more »


Mutual Blessing

What is our destiny and purpose in life? How do we fit into the ultimate order of God’s redeemed creation? If we know the answers to these questions, we will find great joy and excitement in life. The answers lie in one concept, which is the subject of my latest book, Mutual Blessing.1 Mutual blessing was the… Read more »


The Diaspora and the Future of Jewry

In spite of great odds, persecution, the Holocaust and secular assimilation, the people of Israel have been preserved as identifiably Jewish though they were exiled around the world in the diaspora for two thousand years. This is a fulfillment of God’s promise: “Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day and… Read more »