End the Occupation

Fifty years ago in the Six-Day War, Israel almost “accidentally” captured East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank). To mark the anniversary, the UN Secretary General just “blasted” Israel for these 50 years of “occupation” in the West Bank. Instead of incessant criticism from the UN toward Israel, wouldn’t it be nice to hear… Read more »


Refusing to Love the Truth

The Loss of Our Young Adults For the last few years, I have been trying to grasp why it is that so many young people in the West are being lost from our faith. This is also happening in Messianic Judaism, and to a degree also in Israel. Of course, we can give many reasons…. Read more »


Evangelism and Envisioning Revival

There have been three men in my life who lived Jewish evangelism: the late Manny Brotman, Sid Roth, and Josh Fischbein (a pseudonym). Each of them functioned out of their calling as a gift ministry evangelist (Ephesians 4:11,12). Ironically, I found every one of these dedicated men of God to be quite frustrated. Why? They… Read more »


The Messianic Jewish Movements’ Past Launch & Future Success

Prior to 1970 there were various fledgling Jewish expressions of faith in Yeshua on several continents. This included Edward Brotsky, the Jewish Baptist in Toronto and many others. But it was shortly before 1970 that a Jewish Evangelist, Manny Brotman, anointed by the Spirit in passionate evangelism, won Jewish people to Yeshua through his preaching… Read more »


Approaching the Bible’s Teaching on Healing

In the 1980s, Asher and I studied the subject of healing with great intensity. We studied the most prominent teachers on what the Bible says about healing. We ourselves saw some really amazing, outstanding healings; but also some very disappointing sicknesses that eventually ended in death. Our close friend Dr. Michael Brown is perhaps one… Read more »


A Palestinian State? Where Does Israel Stand?

Some of my friends find Israel’s policy very confusing. What does the current Israeli government really want? Further complicating the matter is the lack of unity among those who form the ruling government coalition. (Cabinet members regularly speak out for their preferred policies even when it is not the policy of the Prime Minister.) In… Read more »


Betrayer and Hypocrisy

Well, sadly it happened. President Obama has left office with a terrible betrayal of Israel. The United States failed to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel for the settlements built over the 1949 armistice line. President Obama instructed the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. to abstain. The resolution was passed 14-0, a shocking… Read more »


Lesbian in a Man’s Body?

The current issue of “National Geographic” features a transgender child on the front cover. Indeed one of the most amazing phenomena of our day is the movement to destroy gender distinctions. This movement claims that one can be a girl in a boy’s body, a boy in a girl’s body, a homosexual man in a… Read more »


Calling and Maturity

Fulfilling one’s calling in life is a part of maturity, but we should not so emphasize calling that we deemphasize the more critical universal aspects of the explicit definitions of maturity in the New Covenant Scriptures. Messianic Jews are committed to living out their calling by identifying as Jews. This is rooted in the Biblical… Read more »


Prosperity: What the Bible Really Says?

Luxury, Poverty and the Historic Debate The issue of God’s standards for material wealth has been a source of debate for centuries. In the sixteenth century, Cardinal Wolsey, the Archbishop of York, built an enormous palace, larger and more luxurious than anything even King Henry VIII possessed. Henry was quite good at executing his opponents, even his wife… Read more »