Biblical Inerrancy

The doctrine of the inerrancy of the Bible is one of the most important foundations for Biblical faith that unites Messianic Jews and Christians. Its loss is a terrible danger. However, inerrancy must be defined. Inerrancy does not mean that every passage of the Bible is asserting “scientific” accuracy. Rather it is saying that the teaching… Read more »


The Craze for Ancestry Information

I have often marveled at internet advertisements for exploring ancestral connections.1 The general thrust of these ads is, “If you really want to know the meaning of your life, you need to know your ancestry.” I know something of my ancestry. I know about my Jewish ancestors back to the 1860s in Romania (very little information… Read more »


The Anti-Tradition Charismatics

Not long ago, I was at a meeting with a powerful apostle/evangelist who blasted ‘tradition’ as the main block to the move of the Holy Spirit, transformation, and the miraculous. This is a common refrain. Ironically, the worship service that was presented followed the exact pattern that one would expect from his church stream. It… Read more »


President Trump and the View of Israelis

For the most part Israelis are glad for the election of President Trump. Many are pleased that he has recognized Jerusalem as the capital and is relocating the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv. Generally, they were relieved to see the end of the Obama administration and the beginning of this new one. They understand… Read more »


Jewish Suffering

Even a brief overview of the history of the Jewish people reveals a disproportionate amount of suffering and misfortune. As God’s covenantal people, Abraham’s descendants experienced times of prosperity and blessing yet there were also long periods when they were expelled from the land, persecuted and seemingly abandoned by God. The question is why? Redemption… Read more »


Are We Making Progress?

Today the term “progressive” is used to describe the process of social and economic leveling. However, up until recently, there was a narrative of progress – rooted in the Bible – that inspired the development of Western civilization. Unfortunately, it is now largely rejected in academia. This understanding of progress provided a unifying narrative, which greatly influenced… Read more »


One Law Movements

Reprinted from One of the glories of life in the Messianic Jewish community is the unity of worship and service between its Jewish and Gentile members within a specifically Jewish context. In recent years, however, a trend has developed that challenges the Messianic Jewish community on this very issue. This trend involves various groups… Read more »


Reigning in the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

Last month I wrote about the power of the ultra-Orthodox Jews. Their two main political parties combine to wield enormous, inordinate influence in Israeli government. They both support the following policies: 1. The control of Judaism in the Land through the institution of the Chief Rabbis. Although the ultra-Orthodox represent only around a tenth of the population,… Read more »


A Defining Moment

Many are in an uproar over recent decisions1 of the Israeli government coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu. The decision upon which we will focus here, was to affirm the Chief Rabbis as the ultimate determiners of the validity of conversions to Judaism and thus those who can define people as Jewish or not Jewish. This issue is… Read more »


Supernatural Moves & Theological Stability

Revival Leaders Sometimes Write Theology When God moves in powerful supernatural ways and when people experience revival, revival leaders often write theology – sometimes they write good theology and sometimes they write bad theology. If they write wrongly and the matter is minor, it may be of little consequence. But sometimes, if they write on… Read more »