The Great Anomaly: Russia, America and the LGBT Movement

The Times of Israel today reported on Vladimir Putin’s mocking of the LGBT pride flag hung on the U. S. Embassy in Moscow.  We are living in strange times.  The Communists of 100 plus years ago mocked the western family ideas as part of the bourgeoise structure of western capitalism. Though anti-Christian, the Russian communists… Read more »


Christianity has been tried and found Wanting?

This is a common phrase, but G. K. Chesterton disagreed and said, “Christianity has been found difficult and therefore untried.”  What the famous Chesterton really meant is that while multitudes profess Christianity, few really practice it. The Bible teaches that all human beings are created in the image of God.  That foundational truth leads to… Read more »


Revolution and Biblical Worldview

I have been greatly saddened to see the extent to which younger Christians and Messianic Jews are saluting revolutionary social movements that are opposed to the Biblical World View.  Perhaps they do not realize this incompatibility. As I reflect on history, it seems that every social revolution that was not directly motivated by the biblical… Read more »


A Modest Proposal for Theological Integrity

Many today pray for and believe for the fulfillment of the prayer of Yeshua for the unity of the people of God (John 17:21).  We hear of calls for humility, love, prayer, cooperation, repentance from competition etc.  One thing we do not hear is a call for theological integrity.  What do I mean by theological integrity? … Read more »


In Politics We Trust

I have been alarmed to see my friends on social media completely absorbed by the present political moment of Donald Trump being US President.   They are compulsively preoccupied and write incessantly on Trump, both negative and positive.  Really, there is Trump derangement syndrome on both sides. Those who are compulsively negative and those who… Read more »


George Floyd, Identity Politics and the City Riots in America

I wrote a personal Facebook post and now want to expand that post for my personal page and my official page. “An amazing statement by Jack Brewer who was a star on the Minnesota Vikings on the recent terrible death. He says that the problem is primarily a spiritual one, that racism is a Satanic… Read more »


How do we get Trustworthy Information

Some comments on US and Israel news reporting: The loss of a commitment to objective news reporting and the domination of the media by the left has made it very difficult to know if we are gaining trustworthy news.  One could respond by saying they trust conservative media sources like Fox News and News Max. … Read more »


Innocents Abroad

For many years I have wanted to read Mark Twain’s book Innocents Abroad.  Why?  Because it is so frequently quoted concerning Twain’s impressions of the Holy Land on his trip in 1867.  The quotes prove the Holy Land was desolate and largely unpopulated. Twain’s eyewitness account shows that the primary issue of Jewish settlement was not displacement of Arabs,… Read more »


A New Israeli Government

Finally, at 1:00 P.M. Israel time a new Israeli government was formed. I need not say much about it since I have before written on what was going to happen after there was a unity government agreement.  Things have pretty much worked out as noted before. However, I wanted to state a few things. The… Read more »


Evil, When to Say the Word

One of my dear friends wrote to me that I should not use the word evil of people. I do want to clear up any misunderstanding.  I am not saying that Democrats individually or those who vote for them are evil.  I think there are Democrats who are good people and Republicans who are bad… Read more »