The Exploiting Deficit

The Congress recently passed and the President signed into law a 2,2 trillion dollar spending bill to provide for businesses and individuals to survive the terrible measures that had to be taken to stem the advance of the COVID 19 virus.  It also includes massive spending to support health services. I agree that it was… Read more »


Prophetic Response to the Corona Virus Plague

Announcement:  Before I write on this topic, I have an announcement.  Yuli Edelstein, the Likud speaker of the Knesset has resigned.  This opens the door for a vote on a new speaker next week, which will be chosen by Blue and White.  What will happen in trying to form a government, no one knows. I still… Read more »


Corona Virus: More Questions & More Political Intrigue in Israel

Some in Israel are questioning the national restrictions to fight the Corona virus.  Are they really based on science or alarm which goes too far?  For example, who is it dangerous for someone to take a walk outside for more than ten minutes if they keep six meters away from those they pass?  How is ten minutes safer… Read more »


Corona Questions

For some time, I have been questioning the response to the Coronavirus and the economic devastation it is causing. This response is shutting down businesses and can cause great economic pain and even death (some will commit suicide in my view if their losses are too great.  Others, losing their income will not be able… Read more »


Israeli Politics and the Coronavirus

It is most amazing to note that Israel is in the midst of its third political stalemate after inconclusive elections.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party, Likud, is already talking about another election!  At the same time, Israel has embraced the most severe restrictions of any country to try to manage the threat of the virus.  The planes are… Read more »


Weighing Evidence

I have taught Apologetics for 48 years. One issue of faith and evidence is that people weigh things differently.  No one really believes without evidence, but people are made up in such ways that different evidences strike them differently. For example, the famous professor John Warwick Montgomery, Th. D. and Ph. D, was influenced by British… Read more »


“Deal of the Century”

The Trump-Kushner-Gold-Greenblatt* Much ink has already been used by commentators on the recent Deal of the Century proposed by Donald Trump. Despite that, I will share some things that I have not been reading in the press. Israel’s Reaction The great majority of Israeli leaders and the Israeli public are in favor of the Trump… Read more »


The Bizarre Israel Political Situation

On the night of the Israel elections, the exit polls and early counting gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party and the other parties that would join his coalition 60 Knesset (Parliament) members.  It looked like he would be able to flip one vote somewhere to gain the 61 votes necessary to form a government.  With these results,… Read more »



I recently wrote a post entitled Morality-phobia. However, upon reflection, I think the better term is “relgiophobia.”  In that post, I noted that the accusation against those who profess and seek to foster traditional morality in society is that they are homophobes, transgenderphobes. LGBTQphobes, and more.  I noted that this was really wrong. Traditional morality… Read more »


There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy: Four Categories of People in Romans 2

I got into trouble with some of the leaders in Israel because of a paper I did some 12 years ago refuting the wider hope view of one of my Messianic Jewish leadership friends.  My paper was called the Narrow Wider Hope.  My paper was partly misunderstood because I used the word salvation for people who were… Read more »