The Apostle and The High Priest

Having a Ministry vs. Serving Do you know what the word for “ministry” is in Hebrew? There isn’t a word for it. One way to say it is simply “serve.” No one “has a ministry”. You just serve. The other way to say “minister/serve” in Hebrew is the same word for “priest” Kohen – When someone… Read more »


Super Heroes & The Fruit of Self Control

How we love the fruit of the spirit – love and joy and all that good stuff! It is the very personality of God within us. However, there is one fruit of the spirit at the end of the list that seems to be less talked about: self-control. We could call it theFinal Fruit. “The… Read more »


“Be Perfect!” Are You Kidding?

A recent post at The word teleios in Greek is found 19 times in the New Covenant, and is usually translated as “perfect”. It has the same prefix as telescope or telephone, meaning: “far off, at a distance”. It means: “end goal, result, consummation, completing a cycle.” “Therefore, be perfect, even as your Father in heaven… Read more »


Trouble Ahead

All the prophets speak of the coming difficulties in the end times. Jeremiah calls it “the time of Jacob’s trouble” (30:7), and it is called the “tribulation” in the gospels (Matthew 24; Mark 13). Here is a simplified survey of Daniel’s tribulation prophecies from the second half of his book. Chapter Seven – First Year… Read more »


Aggressive Fruit of the Spirit

Many people in the world are aggressive; aggressive for power, glory, wealth … in short selfishness. Yet the teaching of Yeshua seems to point to an opposite character. In His first recorded message, the Sermon on the Mount, Yeshua said, “The meek will inherit the earth and Blessed are the merciful and the pure in heart”… Read more »


A Dream About Affections of This World

I had a dream recently in which I passed through a series of spiritual tests over and over again. I was totally dismayed and tired of having to undergo so many tests. I knew the goal was to get to total and perfect obedience, but … Just as it seemed that I had failed and given… Read more »


Jerusalem and Eden One

Since John was the last writer of Scriptures, his writings contain a unique view of the whole spectrum of Scriptures from beginning to end. John often spoke in terms of “beginning to end” (John 1:1; I John 1:1; Revelation 1:8,17). This “beginning to end” perspective comes to light particularly in the last chapters of Revelation…. Read more »


Three Priesthoods

Sometimes we are asked if we consider Christians to be “priests”. Three types of priesthoods are mentioned in the Scriptures, two on earth and one in heaven: the Jewish Levitical, the Christian International and the Heavenly Spiritual. The truest priesthood is the heavenly spiritual one; that of Yeshua as our high priest in heavenly places (Hebrews 7,… Read more »


Islam and Racism

Some have said that opposition to radical Islamic terror is akin to racism. That is not logical. Consider: 1. Islam is a religion, not confined to one ethnic group (Most Muslims are not Arab, many Arabs are not Muslims, some Arabs are Christians … ). 2. Whether Islam is a correct religion and whether or… Read more »


The Core Values of Reconciliation

Reconciliation has two directions: one toward God and one toward people. Reconciliation toward God is the Gospel. Yeshua died on the cross to demonstrate sacrificial love and to pay the price for our forgiveness. Thus we are reconciled to God (II Corinthians 5). There is also reconciliation between people. If God made peace with us,… Read more »