Jerusalem and Eden One

Since John was the last writer of Scriptures, his writings contain a unique view of the whole spectrum of Scriptures from beginning to end. John often spoke in terms of “beginning to end” (John 1:1; I John 1:1; Revelation 1:8,17). This “beginning to end” perspective comes to light particularly in the last chapters of Revelation…. Read more »


Three Priesthoods

Sometimes we are asked if we consider Christians to be “priests”. Three types of priesthoods are mentioned in the Scriptures, two on earth and one in heaven: the Jewish Levitical, the Christian International and the Heavenly Spiritual. The truest priesthood is the heavenly spiritual one; that of Yeshua as our high priest in heavenly places (Hebrews 7,… Read more »


Islam and Racism

Some have said that opposition to radical Islamic terror is akin to racism. That is not logical. Consider: 1. Islam is a religion, not confined to one ethnic group (Most Muslims are not Arab, many Arabs are not Muslims, some Arabs are Christians … ). 2. Whether Islam is a correct religion and whether or… Read more »


The Core Values of Reconciliation

Reconciliation has two directions: one toward God and one toward people. Reconciliation toward God is the Gospel. Yeshua died on the cross to demonstrate sacrificial love and to pay the price for our forgiveness. Thus we are reconciled to God (II Corinthians 5). There is also reconciliation between people. If God made peace with us,… Read more »


The Third Kind of Love

Recently Malek and Susanne Gavris traveled with Betty and me to Brazil. It was a joy to be with them, and to demonstrate our love as Messianic Jews and Arab Christians. Malek and Suzanne serve with us on the Revive Israel team. They are dear “spiritual children” to us and part of Revive’s extended ministry… Read more »


Wealth of the Nations & Feet of the Apostles

There are several passages in the prophets that speak of a day in which the “wealth of the nations (or Gentiles) will come” (Isaiah 60:5; 60:9; 60:11; 60:16; Zechariah 14:14; Revelation 21:6). Is there to be a fulfillment or even partial fulfillment for these verses in our time? Is that wealth coming to the Church?… Read more »


New Age of Acts of the Apostles

At the turn of the year 2017, as we were praying during our conference in Brazil, I sensed the Spirit of the Lord saying in my heart, to “return to a new age of the acts of the apostles.” For decades we have looked to the book “Acts of the Apostles” as the pattern for… Read more »


Timing of the Rapture

Yeshua’s foundational teaching on the end times is found in all three synoptic gospels (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21). In them He summarizes and interprets the teachings of all the Israelite Prophets. The Apostles based their writings on the subject from what Yeshua taught. In Matthew 24, Yeshua spoke twice (v. 31, 40) about… Read more »


Occupation and Settlement

In light of the recent UN resolution against Israel, it is often repeated that the primary problem preventing peace in the Middle East is the Israeli “occupation” and “settlements” on Palestinian land. The reasoning goes that if we could only get rid of Israeli occupation and settlements, then peace would come. However, is Israel occupying… Read more »


God Punishes Sin (GPS)

There is a message that serves as a common foundation for almost all the other messages in Scriptures: “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.“ This may be seen as a summary of all the Israelite prophets (Jeremiah 25:5). It preceded the coming of Yeshua (Matthew 3:2); forms the first part of the… Read more »