Tisha B’Av On The Lebanese Border

The ninth day (tisha) of the month of Av is a traditional Jewish day of fasting, in remembrance of a series of disasters in Jewish history, particularly the destruction of both the first and second Temples (586 BC, 70 AD) in Jerusalem, and the exile from Spain (1492 AD). Some years ago, while the last… Read more »


As Time Goes By

We want to use our time wisely to make the most of it for the kingdom of God (Ephesians 5:16). We need to evaluate what we are investing our efforts in. Sometimes as we look back over years gone by, we can see what has been of eternal worth and what has not. [Asher Intrater… Read more »


Deny Myself? – Why?

Yeshua said to let our “Yes” be “Yes” and our “No” be “No” (Matthew 5:37). In context, He was speaking of making religious vows, but we can take this a step further: Good is good; bad is bad (Isaiah 5:20).  To what do we say “Yes”? – everything good!  All the promises of God are “Yes”… Read more »


Indigenous Evangelism

One of our core values at Revive Israel is Indigenous Evangelism. By “indigenous” we mean within the local culture. The goal of indigenous evangelism is to reach the local people. To do this in any culture often means discarding ministry methods and structures that were successful in other countries but are not bearing fruit among… Read more »


A People Made Ready

John the Baptist had the prophetic calling to make the world ready for the birth of the Messiah, or what we could call His “First Coming.” The way John made the world ready was to preach a message of repentance, which would: Make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17). This prophetic calling… Read more »


Bearing Fruit

We were created to give God glory. Some have the wrong impression that to give God glory is to live passively and unproductively in this world, and then say, “To God be the glory.” One of the primary ways we can give glory in this life is by bearing fruit. Bearing fruit is to produce… Read more »


Three Goals of Teamwork

Many years ago, when I looked at the promises in the Bible concerning Israel, the Church, the Messianic Remnant and the End Times, I came to the conclusion that no one is strong, wise or righteous enough to fulfill them. If God was calling us to be involved, we had to work together as a… Read more »


Rabbinic Literature

Over the past 2,000 years a vast sea of literature has developed in traditional Judaism, starting with the Mishnah (codified in the early third century CE) and the Gemarah (mid fifth century CE). (Note: The New Covenant was written by the end of the first century CE – which means that it far precedes these… Read more »


The Exodus Experience

Recently I was meditating on how central the “baptism” experience is to New Covenant faith (Acts 2:38 -“Repent and be immersed everyone of you…”).  It seemed as central as … as … and then it hit me: as central as crossing the Red Sea was for the people of ancient Israel.  Immersion in water is… Read more »


The Discipling Difference

Yeshua (Jesus) taught the multitudes in public meetings, and He also taught the twelve in a small group setting. What’s the difference, and why? Preaching to the multitudes had the emphasis of the great commission in Mark 16; teaching in the small group setting had the emphasis of the great commission in Matthew 28. We… Read more »