King of the Jews

When Yeshua (Jesus) was crucified, Pilate placed a sign above His head, which carried the inscription, “King of the Jews” (John 19:19; Matthew 27:37). This sign was written in three languages (Hebrew, Latin and Greek) so that all of the world could know. I believe this inscription was ordained of God (John 19:22), and reveals… Read more »


The Controversy of The Gospel

We as Messianic Jews believe it is our right and our calling to share the gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to our people in love. Who we are and what we have to say is at times controversial, both in Israel and in the Church. Here are a few examples from the last twenty years: Pastor… Read more »


A Strategic Alliance

There are many scriptures from the Prophets sharing a positive destiny for “all the nations.” (The word goyim can be translated as nations or gentiles.) These include; Isaiah 2:2, Isaiah 56:7, Jeremiah 3:17, Amos 9:12 and Zechariah 14:16. The Hebrew prophets play an important role as a bridge between the Torah and the Gospels. Neither… Read more »


The Generosity Gospel

Sometimes I am asked if I believe in the “Prosperity” gospel. What I believe in is the “Generosity” gospel. There is a divine revelation of God’s desire to bless His people in every way, including financially. The issue of blessing can be seen at the first covenant of God with Abraham: Genesis 12:2 – I… Read more »


Why Missile Attacks From Gaza?

It seems bizarre to us that Hamas would start such a confrontation against Israel, in which they can only lose and cause destruction to their own people. I asked a dear Arab friend about this. He responded in this way: “In recent weeks there have been many protests against Hamas among the people of Gaza,… Read more »


God’s Genius Work

There is a beautiful word in Greek that is used only TWICE in the entire New Covenant Scriptures. It is the word poema, from which we derive the word “poem.”  It can be translated as “workmanship, artistry, craftsmanship, creation, creativity…” It is somewhat parallel to the Hebraic concept of  m’lechet makhshevet, which means “well-thought out workmanship” – referring… Read more »


Mystery of the God Messiah

Part 2 of David’s Greater Son – A Jewish Perspective on the Dual Nature of the Messiah Last time we saw that the Messiah was first understood as being David’s Greater Son who would restore the Kingdom to Israel (Acts 1: 6). Then we saw how Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah’s kingdom would extend throughout… Read more »


David’s Greater Son

Part 1: Ruler of the Kingdom of Israel The faith of ancient Israel started with one man – Abraham – and his family.  That family then grew to a tribe, and ultimately to a people. As that people found a homeland in Canaan, they began to organize themselves as a nation.  The nation needed a… Read more »


Tisha B’Av On The Lebanese Border

The ninth day (tisha) of the month of Av is a traditional Jewish day of fasting, in remembrance of a series of disasters in Jewish history, particularly the destruction of both the first and second Temples (586 BC, 70 AD) in Jerusalem, and the exile from Spain (1492 AD). Some years ago, while the last… Read more »


As Time Goes By

We want to use our time wisely to make the most of it for the kingdom of God (Ephesians 5:16). We need to evaluate what we are investing our efforts in. Sometimes as we look back over years gone by, we can see what has been of eternal worth and what has not. [Asher Intrater… Read more »