True Friends

There are many things in life of which it is said “you can’t take it with you” into the world to come. One of the things that you can take with you is true friendship. One of the goals of this life is to develop true friends that will be with you eternally. Yeshua said… Read more »


By His Stripes, We are Healed

I. Meditation on the Cross Yeshua not only died on the cross, He also suffered during the time leading up to the cross. He was rejected and ridiculed (by those He loved). He was stripped and spit upon (like having been abused). He was beaten and cut (until He bled). By His death on the… Read more »


The Kingdom at Hand

From Revive Israel Many years ago, Dan Juster taught at our Bible school course on Mark 1:15 “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” As I was translating him from English to Hebrew and I came to the words that the kingdom is “at… Read more »


Two-Word Prayer for Revival

I have found an amazing two-word prayer that has the potential to bring national revival. When a nation is on the verge of a great revival, there has been a level of success in the congregations and ministries.  The number of people is growing.  More donations are coming in.  The spiritual leaders are becoming well-known, influential, sometimes… Read more »


Keeping The Sabbath

When sharing the gospel in Israel, we have to deal with the question of whether we “keep the commandments.” When religious Jews say, “commandments,” they mix together the biblical commandments and the added rabbinic commandments. If we say “No,” we have lost the authority of the scriptures. If we say “Yes,” they ask about which… Read more »


Blessed is He who Comes! (Part 2)

FROM A RECENT POST AT REVIVEISRAEL.ORG The International Pre-Requisite to Yeshua’s Coming Yeshua is the King of the Jews, and the King of Kings. He is the son of David and the son of God. He is the King of Israel and the Head of the Church. Therefore, the final triumphal entry must have both an International dimension… Read more »


Blessed is He who Comes! (Part 1)

FROM A RECENT POST AT REVIVEISRAEL.ORG One of the most significant prayers for the coming of Messiah is: “Baruch Haba b’shem Adonai.” Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. It is found TWICE in the Gospel of Matthew. The first is the cheering welcome of the crowds at the time of the… Read more »


The Name of Messiah Prophesied

Sometimes we are asked if there is a prophecy in the Torah that the name of the Messiah is Yeshua. There are dozens of references to the name as the word for salvation, Yeshuah. For example: YHVH… has become for me Yeshuah (salvation) (Exodus 15:1-2). The orthodox Jewish prayer for the coming of Messiah contains Yeshuah… Read more »


Lion and Lamb

There are two images of the Messiah throughout the Law and the Prophets.  One is a suffering servant; the other is conquering king.  The Rabbis called these two figures messiah son of Joseph and messiah son of David.  The idea was that Joseph suffered at the hands of his brothers in an Egyptian jail.  The figure of David was a king ruling… Read more »


Five Big “Alls”

As we enter more into the End Times and closer to the second coming of Yeshua, there are several major trends which are moving toward their fulfillment. Of course, we in Israel are looking toward the great promised revival of our people. 1. “And so ALL Israel will be saved.” (Romans 11:26) In praying for… Read more »