Luke 10 or ‘How Ministry Can Get In The Way Of Love’

In Luke chapter ten, Yeshua gives a little trilogy on love. From verse 25 to 28, He explains to a rabbi that the central principle of the Law of Moses is not religious ritual but love – first to love God and secondly to love one’s neighbor. The rabbi asked a question about how to… Read more »


Was Mary A Virgin?

Mary’s real name was Miriam. Technically, when Miriam gave birth to Yeshua (Jesus), she was not a virgin, but a virgin-betrothed. In biblical law, there is a big difference. Miriam was legally married to Yoseph (Joseph), but they had not yet come together physically. Had she been with another man, it would have been a… Read more »


Mega Trends From The Bible

Many things are happening in the world today that are cause for concern. Yet there is also great hope for victory. In general bad things will get worse, and good things will get better (Isaiah 60:2). Let’s look at seven Bible verses with the word “all” or “every” to get a picture of seven mega-trends… Read more »


God’s Transforming Presence

Our congregational service this week did not start out in glory. The parking area had been blocked off. The sound system didn’t work until the last minute. We had just switched secretaries and one of our pastors, Eddie, was out of town. The worship time started with a sweet spirit. After a half hour I… Read more »


Death And Resurrection in All Things

The Scriptures were written by different men all inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thus there are different styles to each book yet the same underlying theme. They address different historical situations in their generations, but all point to the same eternal plan. The central figure of the entire Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, is Yeshua… Read more »


Stephen: The First Martyr

Stephen is one of my heroes. The traditional site of his burial is Bet Jamal, 35 kilometers outside of Jerusalem. For three years our family lived adjacent to that property. Stephen attained a remarkable degree of Christ-likeness. His short life is a worthy model for us to meditate on and an example for us to… Read more »


Esther, Iran And The End Times

I. Historic Truth The book of Esther can be read on three levels. The first is historic truth. The events were real; they took place approximately 500 years before the time of Yeshua. Esther is the only book of the Bible in which the name of God is not mentioned directly. Yet God’s sovereignty is… Read more »


The Ladder of Law & Gospel

The relationship between the Gospel message and Jewish tradition can be described simply by imagining a ladder with four rungs or priorities: 1. Salvation by Grace 2. Moral Law 3. Ritual Law 4. Religious Tradition SALVATION BY GRACE Yeshua (Jesus) took our punishment on the cross and then rose from the dead to provide eternal… Read more »


War In The Heavenlies

The book of Revelation describes spiritual warfare in the end times. That warfare is between angels loyal to God and angels that fight against God (demons). “There was war in the heavenlies. Michael and his angels fought with the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought.” (Revelation 12:7) Our primary battle is not with flesh… Read more »


John 17 Prayer

This High Priestly prayer of Yeshua (Jesus) is a high water mark for intercessory prayer, a gold mine of revelation. Many people refer to John 17 as Yeshua’s prayer for the unity of the Church. Certainly that is part of the prayer. However, the prayer as a whole is much more. The reference to our… Read more »