Judeo-Christian Values

A Surprising Controversy Recently, a surprising controversy was covered by the Israeli press. The debate concerned plans of Israelis and Christian Zionists organizing joint events to support the State of Israel. One of the most important sponsoring organizations is the Christian Allies Caucus of the Israeli Knesset. Amazingly, a woman on the Jerusalem City Council,… Read more »


From Shia to Yeshua

It is not everyday that Ohalei Rachmim hosts a guest speaker from Iran but on the evening of June 7th, we welcomed a brother who was once a Shia Muslim dedicated to the cause of Islam. Reza Safa grew up an ardent Muslim. His father was an eminent Islamic scholar, who used to take his… Read more »


Loyalty And Lasting Relationships

Loyalty begins with the importance of friendship. For 35 years I shared my faith with a Jewish friend from my school days; finally, nine years ago, this friend embraced faith in Yeshua. For many years it had looked hopeless. There had been little response, and our conversations were often repeated. His life was full of… Read more »


God’s Favor On Man

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies in human history is that the Messiah was born in obscurity; Only “certain poor shepherds” witnessed this incredible event. Although most of humanity missed this awesome moment, a great multitude in Heaven understood its significance when together they cried out: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth… Read more »


The World View Question

The World View Question We are presently living with two primary opponents to our Biblical faith. One is Islam and the other is Secular Relativism. I do not include other opponents like Hinduism or Communism in China because these other “isms” are not nearly as consistent in their opposition nor as effective. Indeed, the Chinese… Read more »


The Kingdom Surprise

C. S. Lewis entitled his auto-biography, “Surprised by Joy.” He did not expect to find any ultimate meaning in life, but was surprised by the work of the Spirit who led him to Yeshua. Often when God brings wonderful surprises, they do not fit into our expectations and we miss the blessing God is seeking to bring…. Read more »


Jacob’s Generation

  Dima God is raising up a new generation of young believers in Israel. I believe this generation has a very important role to prepare the way for the last harvest to come. Most young people my age were born here; we have grown up in Israeli society, studied in Israeli schools and served in… Read more »


The Heavenly Man

Last month we saw that the Messiah was first understood as being David’s Greater Son who would restore the Kingdom to Israel (Acts 1: 6). Then we saw how Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah’s kingdom would extend throughout the whole earth, on a higher spiritual level. (Part 2 of David’s Greater Son – A Jewish Perspective on… Read more »


David’s Greater Son

Part 1: Ruler of the Kingdom of Israel The faith of ancient Israel started with one man – Abraham – and his family. That family then grew to a tribe, and ultimately to a people. As that people found a homeland in Canaan, they began to organize themselves as a nation. The nation needed a… Read more »


What Was, Is

  Searching through various rooms in my brain with a candle, I look for some small hidden crusts of memory of Passovers past that I might sweep up with a feather onto a wooden spoon I and then wrap up into an interesting, educational and edifying article for Oasis. Perhaps munching on a piece of Matzah and… Read more »


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