70 Years of Prayer

Juji Nakada first preached about Israel’s restoration at a 1931 camp meeting held on Japan’s northern coast at Matsushima. For three days he preached on God’s promises to Israel and implored Japanese believers to pray for the restoration of Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people. In 1932 Juji Nakada published his book, “Japan… Read more »


Jerusalem, The Stumbling Stone

When King David chose Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, he never dreamed that the city would be the focus of world controversy 3000 years later. Jerusalem became a center of warfare in many periods: the Roman, the early Islamic, the crusades, the British mandate period, and most of all at the present time…. Read more »


In The Cross of Messiah I Glory

The title is a quote from a great old Christian hymn. I have chosen this title after careful reflection. Let me explain my reasons for doing so. The Messianic Jewish Movement faces many challenges. There are many foundational emphases which must be constantly maintained: The emphasis on the call to Jewish life, the place of Torah in… Read more »


Esther’s Call

These and a thousand more searing headlines and bombastic statements have filled the media since the July 12 missile attack on Israel’s northern cities. As those caught in the crosshairs of the Iran-Syria-Hizb’allah-Hamas axis, we search the Scriptures earnestly for understanding and for marching orders. To what previously unknown level of faith and trust is… Read more »


Dry Bones And The Restoration of Israel

DRY BONES AND ISRAEL’S RESTORATION Ezekiel 37 was written in the time of the destruction of the First Commonwealth of Israel in the Promised Land. This was concluded with the last Babylonian deportation and the destruction of Israel in 586 B.C. However, the situation of Israel after the “Shoah”, the destruction of European Jewry (1940-1945),… Read more »


As Time Goes By

We want to use our time wisely to make the most of it for the kingdom of God (Ephesians 5:16). We need to evaluate what we are investing our efforts in. Sometimes as we look back over years gone by, we can see what has been of eternal worth and what has not. In 1988, I… Read more »


You’ve Never Been This Way

The entire Bible is about men and women like us. They struggled with feelings of fear and inadequacy. Yet when they yielded ALL to GOD,….something happened. HE showed up. This is what I recently experienced in Brazil. My 18 year old son Avi is scheduled to begin his service in the Israeli Defense Force this… Read more »


Four Principles of Biblical Success

What is Success? In the New Covenant Scriptures, there is one way and only one way to define success for congregations. It is the fulfillment of the command of Yeshua to make disciples. Yeshua defines making disciples in these terms, “Disciple the nations … baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and of… Read more »


Biblical Liberation And Tribalism

Muslim tribalism with the commitment of radical Islam to conquer the world has grown into a mighty, fearful and destructive world force. Tribalism and the Individual in Ancient Israel However, many have pointed out that the Bible presents us with a tribal orientation. Ancient Israel was a tribal society. I have noted in many writings… Read more »


The Quest For Jewish Authenticity

The two most noteworthy developments in the Kingdom of God over the last 30 years are evangelistic progress in the Southern Hemisphere and the emergence of the Messianic Jewish Congregational Movement. By comparison with the growth of Christianity, the Messianic Movement is relatively small. Yet, Jews turning to the Messiah in the context of Jewish oriented New… Read more »


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