Spiritual Power And Cultural Sensitivity

Seeker Friendly Western Sensitivity Sometimes cultural sensitivity and spiritual power are incompatible. There is a specific orientation in the Western world that seeks civility at the price of spiritual power. In the Church world, this has produced a seeker sensitive orientation in formerly charismatic churches, resulting in a ban on Holy Spirit manifestations. The change… Read more »


The Riddle

In Judges 14:14, Sampson propounded a riddle. He did so to confound and trap the Philistines. Below I offer my own riddle. My purpose is to teach and edify whoever is willing to hear … What was: Contained in the call and connected with the covenant? Resulted in: Waiting for a wife and water from… Read more »


East Asia, Ancestor Worship and the Revelation of Yeshua – Part 1

December 1938: Several leaders of major Korean Christian denominations, under incredible pressure from the Japanese colonial government and their Japanese Christian counterparts, were brought to Japan in order to pay homage to the Japanese Emperor at two major Shinto Shrines where the Emperor’s family and ancestry are worshipped. The militarist, Imperial government had convinced (and… Read more »


Made For Each Other

There is an old joke Messianic Jewish preachers sometimes use to break the ice with Gentile audiences. It goes something like this: “Look, God doesn’t like Jews more than Gentiles. No, God must love the Gentiles very much … after all, He made so many of you!” I think we sometimes employ this gag because… Read more »


The Cowardly And Damned

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters, and all liars … their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8 NIV) I have always wondered why the cowardly were excluded from the Kingdom of God… Read more »


Isaiah 19: On a Highway of Restoration

The theme of the Highway appears all throughout the book of Isaiah. The word most commonly used in Hebrew for ‘Highway’ is “Mesilah” which refers to an exalted way or road that has been built up. I have often thought about what the Holy Spirit was trying to communicate to the prophet. For us the… Read more »


Jews Do Not Believe In Jesus!

I realize that is somewhat of a shocking statement to be found in a Messianic newsletter. Especially since it’s true. What?! True?! Well, partially true. How can it be partially true? Because for some Jews, not believing in Yeshua is the fundamental basis of being a Jew. It is a chasm that cannot be bridged…. Read more »


Why Liberals Have Turned Against Israel

I Would Define Liberals In the last 30 years many one time liberal supporters have turned against Israel. To understand liberals, we should have some idea of their belief system. Liberals are usually distinguished from socialists. The latter believe that the government should own the means of production; that is, public ownership. Liberals generally believe… Read more »


Anti-Christian Zionism

The Bethlehem Bible College Conference on the Land Recently a conference was held at Bethlehem Bible College that could be characterized as generally against Christian Zionism. Citizens of Israel are not legally permitted to travel to some Palestinian areas, including Bethlehem, therefore Arab Christians and their Evangelical supporters provided the predominant viewpoint. I have had… Read more »


Keeping The Sabbath

When sharing the gospel in Israel, we have to deal with the question of whether we “keep the commandments.” When religious Jews say, “commandments,” they mix together the biblical commandments and the added rabbinic commandments. If we say “No,” we have lost the authority of the scriptures. If we say “Yes,” they ask about which… Read more »


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