Assimilating Jewish Christians

The Beginnings of the Messianic Jewish Movement In the early 1970s, a significant number of Jews committed their lives to Yeshua and came to the conviction that they should call themselves Messianic Jews rather than Christians. There were several reasons for this. One was the history of institutional Christianity and its impact on the Jewish… Read more »


Death And Resurrection in All Things

The Scriptures were written by different men all inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thus there are different styles to each book yet the same underlying theme. They address different historical situations in their generations, but all point to the same eternal plan. The central figure of the entire Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, is Yeshua… Read more »


The Family Foundation

The Scripture tells parents, especially fathers, “You shall teach them [that is, the commandments] diligently to your children.” (Deuteronomy 6:7) The context of this parental mandate is the Sh’ma, which teaches absolute commitment to God and His standards beginning with the command to love Him with all our heart, soul, strength and might. Furthermore, we are… Read more »


The Greatest Danger To Israel

Satanically inspired attempts to destroy Israel are nothing new. Throughout Scripture we read of such attempts. In Moses’ day Amalek sought to destroy Israel. During the days of Esther and Mordechai, Haman a descendant of Amalek devised a plan to systematically destroy the Jewish people. Haman became the paradigmatic figure of the arch-enemy of Israel…. Read more »


The Church’s Biggest Challenge

Christians are increasingly coming to appreciate their “Jewish Connection”. Many have gone beyond merely acknowledging that Jesus was a Jew, that the early disciples and apostles were Jewish, that Christianity has come out of Judaism. They are searching out the Jewish roots of their own faith. They are respecting and even loving the Jews. They… Read more »


The Dilemma of Liberalizing Theology

A Debate in the American Jewish Community In May of this year, Rabbi Norman Lamm, the Chancellor of Yeshiva University in New York, predicted the demise of the Conservative and Reform movements. As quoted in the Jerusalem Post, here is Lamm’s statement. “With a heavy heart we will soon say kaddish on the Reform and… Read more »


Stephen: The First Martyr

Stephen is one of my heroes. The traditional site of his burial is Bet Jamal, 35 kilometers outside of Jerusalem. For three years our family lived adjacent to that property. Stephen attained a remarkable degree of Christ-likeness. His short life is a worthy model for us to meditate on and an example for us to… Read more »


Pigs Have Kosher Feet

When I was a small boy – probably about 4 or 5 years old, growing up in Baltimore – my uncle Sidney owned a small grocery store in a very poor, black section of town. My uncle and his family lived behind the store – the only Jews in the area. One of my earliest… Read more »


The Orwellian Left

George Orwell’s “1984” I had heard of George Orwell’s “1984” for many years but did not get around to reading it until 1984. The coincidental date was motivation for me to read this great book. Orwell was famous for showing how totalitarian systems of government change the very meaning of language and enforce these new… Read more »


Role Models

Attacks Against Religion Recently there has been a spate of books attacking religion and belief in God as a dangerous deception. Other books have been written to refute this thesis. Those who make the case against Christianity in particular do not examine all the facts but select only the evidence that supports their perspective. Parallel… Read more »


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