Restoring The Judicial Function to The Body

A Troubling Situation Over the past year I have been troubled by a number of occasions of marriage and divorce by people in leadership. One was a renewal leader who was reported to lead gatherings with great healings, signs and wonders. It was discovered that this leader was having an affair with a female worker…. Read more »


Was Mary A Virgin?

Mary’s real name was Miriam. Technically, when Miriam gave birth to Yeshua (Jesus), she was not a virgin, but a virgin-betrothed. In biblical law, there is a big difference. Miriam was legally married to Yoseph (Joseph), but they had not yet come together physically. Had she been with another man, it would have been a… Read more »


Profound Ambivalence: A Right Response To Rabbinic Judaism

A Renewed Mind When we are filled with the Spirit and our faith is centered on Yeshua, on all that He has done, and will do for us, a wonderful transformation takes place: we are endowed with a renewed mind which can weigh viewpoints, practices, and philosophies (Romans 12:2). In this regard, when we reflect… Read more »


Offended By Christian Zionists

A Messianic Jewish leader’s wife came up to me in tears. A major Christian Zionist prayer event had just concluded in Jerusalem. Why was she crying? Shouldn’t we all be rejoicing that this event had taken place, an event where Christians from around the world, including some who were internationally known leaders, prayed together and… Read more »


Rediscovering The Roots of The Remain

As you read this we will have just finished the cycle of the fall feasts – a season of great enrichment in Israel and for the Messianic Jewish community worldwide. We began on Rosh Hashanah by blowing the Shofar, the sound that harkens back to Sinai and looks forward to the Second coming. Ten days… Read more »


Mega Trends From The Bible

Many things are happening in the world today that are cause for concern. Yet there is also great hope for victory. In general bad things will get worse, and good things will get better (Isaiah 60:2). Let’s look at seven Bible verses with the word “all” or “every” to get a picture of seven mega-trends… Read more »


God’s Mystery Thriller

The flight from Hong Kong to Osaka found me tired, but unable to sleep. With a personal movie screen imbedded in the seat in front of me, what was I to do, but surf through the inexhaustible film options available? I chose a mystery based on an unsolved series of murder cases in 1960’s San… Read more »


Rooted Spiritual Life

One of the most significant features of modern Christian movements is the loss of connection to their ancient Church heritage and traditions, the classical roots of the faith. Last month I wrote about valuing the Jewish roots that remain within Christian heritages (see, Rediscovering the Roots that Remain, November 2009). However, many contemporary streams of Christianity… Read more »


Come Out Of The Cave

We live in the shadow of Mt. Carmel, the scene of Elijah’s epic confrontation with the prophets of Baal. That seems pretty relevant today, in light of the battle for true worship in an increasingly secular nation. Seeing the mountain every day of our lives, the story of Elijah feels close and current. In Elijah’s… Read more »


God’s Transforming Presence

Our congregational service this week did not start out in glory. The parking area had been blocked off. The sound system didn’t work until the last minute. We had just switched secretaries and one of our pastors, Eddie, was out of town. The worship time started with a sweet spirit. After a half hour I… Read more »


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