Amid criticism Israel opens Pilgrimage Road, connecting City of David to Temple

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman (L) and White House Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt were on hand to tear down a wall to open the Pilgrimage Road, in the City of David, sparking controversy. A new archaeological site was unveiled in Jerusalem on Sunday at the City of David, an ancient passageway dubbed “Pilgrims’… Read more »


Project Feed Tel Aviv

In the darkest places, the light shines brightest Congregation Tiferet Yeshua sits at the border between Tel Aviv’s booming financial center and southern Tel Aviv – which is home to some of the poorest, most marginalized and needy communities in the country. When we began going out into the streets several years ago in a… Read more »


Worshipping Into the Kingdom

Recently during a time of worship, I glanced around the room and noticed that the looks on people’s faces seemed so serious. This didn’t make sense to me. We were singing about the nations loving and worshipping Yeshua forever in His kingdom. Just imagining this put a big smile on my face, and I wanted… Read more »


The Galilee Experience

The Galilee Experience, opened in 1991, is a tourist attraction on the Sea of Galilee waterfront in Tiberias, presenting the history of the Galilee and of THE Galilean, using multiple digital video projectors.  The audiovisual show has been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors. A major consideration of the founders, creators and investors of… Read more »


A Testimony out of Domestic Violence

Dear friends, Thank you for joining us in prayer for people’s lives to be touched. We have been seeing the Holy Spirit touch people. We would like to share with you a story that happened to one of the participants of the “Aleph” [Alpha] Club project. It is a true story that happened to real… Read more »


Beacons of Hope and Help

Kiryat Yam!  “In Hebrew it means city by the sea. It’s just a humble town on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, part of a group of towns called the Krayot. It’s probably not what comes to mind when you think about Israel.”  The sentence above opens the new video we recently made about the work… Read more »


Rock and Key

In Matthew 16, Peter received a significant revelation of Yeshua. There were four parts to this historic breakthrough: Messiahship of Yeshua New Covenant Community of Faith Delegated Spiritual Authority Victory over Satanic Forces Peter answered, “You are Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Yeshua said to him, “Blessed are you, Shimon son of Yonah,… Read more »


Elections Again, Oy!

We are now seeing an amazing and unprecedented situation in Israel. We just had full parliamentary (“Knesset”) elections on April 9, 2019. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not able to form a coalition government and a working majority within the allotted time. New elections are set for September 2019! The sticking point was the… Read more »


Observing July 4th in the United States

Never, I  think, have we seen such controversy in the United States surrounding the 4th of July, the date of the declaration of the independence of the United States when we recall the Declaration document itself. I celebrated the holiday this year in Chicago with dear old friends. They have a boat and we watched… Read more »


Does God Judge Unbelievers?

A popular theology among Christians teachers says that God does not judge unbelievers. Since they do not know Yeshua and do not have the power of the Spirit, we should not expect them to be moral. This teaching is contrary to both the historic Christian consensus and the historic teaching of Judaism. Both have taught… Read more »


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