The Kingdom at Hand

From Revive Israel Many years ago, Dan Juster taught at our Bible school course on Mark 1:15 “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” As I was translating him from English to Hebrew and I came to the words that the kingdom is “at… Read more »


Does God still judge?

A famous prophet wrote this this week. “Today on [Name of program], we are going to talk about the Coronavirus, plagues, other natural disasters and how we should respond to them. THESE OCCURRENCES ARE NOT JUDGMENTS FROM GOD. JESUS TOOK ALL JUDGMENTS AND CURSING WHEN HE WENT TO THE CROSS, ANY CURSING AND JUDGMENTS THAT’S… Read more »


Corona Virus: More Questions & More Political Intrigue in Israel

Some in Israel are questioning the national restrictions to fight the Corona virus.  Are they really based on science or alarm which goes too far?  For example, who is it dangerous for someone to take a walk outside for more than ten minutes if they keep six meters away from those they pass?  How is ten minutes safer… Read more »


Corona Questions

For some time, I have been questioning the response to the Coronavirus and the economic devastation it is causing. This response is shutting down businesses and can cause great economic pain and even death (some will commit suicide in my view if their losses are too great.  Others, losing their income will not be able… Read more »


Birth Pains

As I write this, the rains are continuing in Israel and we are having a hard time getting consistent warm weather. In the last couple of weeks, we have had only a few clear, sunny days. The weather forecast is for another several days of sometimes very heavy rain this week and again next week…. Read more »


Israeli Politics and the Coronavirus

It is most amazing to note that Israel is in the midst of its third political stalemate after inconclusive elections.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party, Likud, is already talking about another election!  At the same time, Israel has embraced the most severe restrictions of any country to try to manage the threat of the virus.  The planes are… Read more »


Weighing Evidence

I have taught Apologetics for 48 years. One issue of faith and evidence is that people weigh things differently.  No one really believes without evidence, but people are made up in such ways that different evidences strike them differently. For example, the famous professor John Warwick Montgomery, Th. D. and Ph. D, was influenced by British… Read more »


Ki Tissa 5780

My presence will go [with you] and I will give you rest. Shemot/Exodus 33:14 We find ourselves, in this week’s text, in the middle of Moshe’s intercession for Israel in the aftermath of the Golden Calf. At the beginning of the chapter, HaShem has told the people to set off on their journey to the… Read more »


Eagle Project Update on Recent Root Course

We are happy to share with you that another Root Course (Shoresh) has been successfully completed. The Root Course is a part of the Eagle Project, a joint ministry of Return to Zion and Revive Israel. It was designed for young people from age 20 as a platform to learn theology and practical tools for… Read more »


New Generation Transitions

“Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8). A new king and a new generation of Egyptians arose, who did not know Joseph. They forgot that the God of Israel had saved them through Joseph. They chose to enslave the Israelites living among them. But that Egyptian generation… Read more »


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