Knesset Passes Last-Minute Bill Extending Budget Deadline, Averting Elections

Israeli lawmakers passed a last-minute deal extending the deadline to arrive at a national budget and avoid a government collapse on Monday which would have forced the country to a fourth round of elections in one and half years.  The bill does not present a budget, but rather delays the deadline for voting on one… Read more »


On Passing the Trump Test in How We Treat Fellow Believers in Yeshua (Jesus)

In Mike Brown’s book on “Will Evangelicals Pass the Trump Test,” he argues that one key to that test is how we treat both those who are for, and those who are against Trump (if they expose themselves and engage in debate). If we do not treat them with love and respect and credit that… Read more »


The End of Summer

Eddie and I arrived in Israel on September 1,1997 and our 18th wedding anniversary was the following day. We were so very excited and full of energy. The challenge was great but we were ready for it. There were constant battles in Israel with never a day of peace but in spite of that, as… Read more »


Church in Decline?

A week or so ago, this piece of statistical data landed in my in-box. I have been trying to think of a way to communicate its significance ever since. See what you think. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. 18-29-year-olds who grew up in church tell Barna they have withdrawn from church involvement. And that was before… Read more »


Jewish/Gentile Relations in the New Covenant Part 3

What about the Gentiles? When we emphasize God’s unique calling on Israel, it is easy for non-Jews to feel left out. But if we read the Scriptures correctly, we see a God who deeply desires the nations to know him. The calling on Abraham is to bless the whole world through his seed. The calling… Read more »


Arson Balloons Continuing to Cause Fires in Southern Israel

Palestinian terrorists have continued to launch random rockets and menacing arson balloons into Israel from the Gaza Strip including one balloon that landed in the yard of a kindergarten earlier this week and others in residential areas. Upset by the United Arab Emirates’ decision to declare full normalization with Israel, Gazans rallied at the border… Read more »


A Cry for Deeper Discipleship/ Growing to Maturity

Yeshua commanded the disciples to go and make disciples of all the nations, immersing them and teaching them to observe all that He commanded them.  The goal of discipleship is to “be conformed to the image of His Son,” (Romans 8:29).  This is God’s destiny for all who are in Yeshua.  When a person enters the Kingdom through… Read more »


Trump, Bibi broker historic peace deal between Israel and the Emirates

Yesterday afternoon Israeli news reported that Benjamin Netanyahu left an important coronavirus meeting in order to attend to what he called “a national emergency”. Given the political climate here in Israel, there was a collective eyeroll, assuming there was no real national emergency. However, a few hours later, news emerged that President Trump had brokered… Read more »


Summer 2020 Prayer points for Israel

1.  Israel is going through a hard time economically.  Over 20% of the working population are out of work.  Pray for wisdom for the government in reviving the economy and managing the corona virus.  2.  The unity government coalition is under great strain.  Benjamin Netanyahu is presenting reasons for changing his coalition agreement, especially the… Read more »


The Ultimate Clash of World Views 

In one of my recent posts, I distinguished and sought to define the differences between the liberal-left of center Democrat, the leftist Democrat, and the radical far-leftist.  The radical left is based on an integrated world view to a much greater extent than the left of center and the left.  Some of the positions of… Read more »


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