Give Us a King

As the State of Israel looks for a solution to the current political stalemate and repeated elections, I am reminded of the crisis of leadership in I Samuel 8. The time of the judges was drawing to a close. Samuel the prophet was old, and his sons had failed to stand as judges over Israel… Read more »


Pride Divides; Humility Heals

As we round the corner from 2019 to 2020 many nations are facing crises of confidence in their government. In November, Israel’s Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit handed down a three point indictment of our head of state, Benjamin Netanyahu. I’m not saying guilty or not guilty on the charges. That is not my place. But… Read more »


Eagle Project Update

The Eagle Project is a joint ministry of Return to Zion and Revive Israel. It was created to invest in young adults in Israel and abroad, to disciple and equip them for their next steps with the Lord, and to develop the next generation of leaders and servants. The Eagle Project includes practical global programs that… Read more »


The International Criminal Court Investigates Israel for War Crimes

In the decision to investigate Israel for war crimes the ICC discredits itself.  They remind me of the most liberal judges in America’s courts that make the U. S. Constitution say whatever they want it to say; even the opposite!   Let’s list some of the reasons.  The first point of investigation is that Israel’s… Read more »


Torah Thoughts on Parashat Vayigash

And G-d sent me before you to establish a remnant in the land for a great deliverance. (B’resheet 45:7) Our verse is part of Yosef’s disclosure of himself to his brothers and needs to be seen as part of the text block running from from verse 5 to verse 11. In these six verses two… Read more »


Happy New Year

I want to take this last opportunity of the 2019 Holiday season to wish you a most wonderful and blessed New Year! In spite of the difficulties of this past year, I am looking forward to 2020 and to all that God will do. May your heart also be expectant as together we make each… Read more »


Israel freezes bank accounts of terrorists’ families

Israel has decided to freeze the bank accounts of Arab Israeli terrorists who receive financial rewards from the Palestinian Authority, calling it “another step in the campaign against terrorists.” Defense Minister Naftali Bennet on Wednesday signed the seizure order to freeze the bank accounts of eight convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families all of who… Read more »


Is the Press Corrupt

I do seek to limit my posts on the issues of Donald Trump and the divisive political situation in the U. S.  I have my view of Donald Trump. I will add a bit to this post for you to know. Recently Chris Wallace said that Donald Trump’s attacks on the press as corrupt and… Read more »


Secrets Surrounding the birth of Messiah

You know what I love about Christmas? Well, it is not the eggnog or Santa imposters. Nor is it the trees, stockings, watching “Home Alone” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In truth, I have never celebrated Christmas. I did not grow up with it and, here in Israel, December 25this just another day. You could… Read more »


POWERFUL! Lebanon-born businessman welcomed to Israel after buying, donating Hitler items

A Swiss-Lebanese born businessman who bought up Adolf Hitler paraphernalia at an auction in order to keep the items out of neo-Nazi hands visited Israel this week. Abdalla Chatila was welcomed to Israel this week where he visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and met with President Reuven Rivlin as well. “Your donation is of great… Read more »


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