What’s Up With 2020?

Oh when is this going to end? I had a hunch in my spirit that 2020 would not be as great as some prophesied, but I honestly was not expecting what we are all witnessing today. Pandemic, social distancing, economical unrest, the evil of racism, anger, violence and epic losses. These are all accumulating into… Read more »


Christianity has been tried and found Wanting?

This is a common phrase, but G. K. Chesterton disagreed and said, “Christianity has been found difficult and therefore untried.”  What the famous Chesterton really meant is that while multitudes profess Christianity, few really practice it. The Bible teaches that all human beings are created in the image of God.  That foundational truth leads to… Read more »


A Year!

June 15th marked a year that Eddie has been gone. Who could have imagined all that has transpired since that day? Who could have predicted that shortly after he left this earth, nothing would ever be the same? And not just in my life, but throughout the world. On the 1st anniversary of his passing,… Read more »


Running From Trouble?

When we speak about “tribulation,” many think immediately about end times’ scenarios. However, we also need to look at our general attitude toward adversity. How is the normal believer to react to times of trouble? The New Covenant Greek word thlipsis is translated as “tribulation, affliction, trouble, anguish, persecution, burden and pressure.” It appears 45 times in the… Read more »


Jerusalem and Annexation

Why Jerusalem? Recently I heard a song about Jerusalem. The lyrics speak of different people feeling what Jerusalem means to them. Each person looks with passion on their part of Jerusalem and yet is unwilling to share it with others. This leads me to the pending declaration of annexation over Judea and Samaria, including parts… Read more »


Do not destroy with your food (or flags and statues), him for whom Messiah died (Romans 14:15)

I’m going to be honest with you. I am struggling emotionally with what is happening in Richmond, Virginia. Even though I live in Israel today, Richmond is still my hometown, where I grew up. And the most iconic part of the former capital of the Confederacy is Monument Avenue. It’s beautiful with its historic cobblestone… Read more »


Revolution and Biblical Worldview

I have been greatly saddened to see the extent to which younger Christians and Messianic Jews are saluting revolutionary social movements that are opposed to the Biblical World View.  Perhaps they do not realize this incompatibility. As I reflect on history, it seems that every social revolution that was not directly motivated by the biblical… Read more »


Pray: Applying Israeli Law in the ‘West Bank’

The application of Israeli law to an area of land in Judea and Samaria is no small matter. Many call it ‘annexation’. Please pray about the imminent changes planned for this area, otherwise known as the ‘West Bank’ – meaning the west bank of the Jordan River. Israel, in accord with the recent US peace… Read more »


In the Eye of the Storm

I want to take this opportunity to say to our friends and partners in the USA, that our hearts are with you during this time of conflict.  I encourage you not to look at what is happening around you with your physical eyes but to turn your eyes and your heart to Yeshua. He will… Read more »


Also Executor of the Wrath of God

We have known Yeshua as the healer walking by the Sea of Galilee. But we haven’t known Him as YHVH-Yeshua, the commander of the armies of heaven, the judge of all the earth, the executor of the wrath of God, the omnipotent and “pantokratic” (all-ruling) king. In order to deal with the events before us,… Read more »


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