The Cloud is Moving

What was it like when the cloud moved? I always envisioned it as some glorious, exciting time, filled with the anticipation of new territory. But now I’m picking up on another element. “The cloud is moving! The cloud is moving! Quick everyone, it’s time to pack up, there’s no time to waste. Hurry. Don’t forget… Read more »


Part of The Mosaic

Today God placed a parable in my heart: The world is like a mosaic. We are the small stones in the mosaic. Each one is part of the big picture. This is the unity of His chosen ones. The world is a mosaic, in the hand of the artist, our God. And we are the… Read more »


Do We Want the Jews to Disappear?

I am burdened about the destiny of 100,000 to 200,000 Jews in the Churches of North America. Do they continue to maintain any serious Jewish identity and transmission of that identity to their children? Sometimes those in the Messianic Jewish congregations have written off these Jews in churches. However, we need to ask if God… Read more »


A Few Lessons I Learned in India

Going Out in Two’s I was still on my vacation abroad after recently finishing my three years of service in the Israeli army. I sat in a plane over India, going from Goa to Bombay, next to a girl my age and I chatted with her during the flight. I wanted to share with her… Read more »


Indigenous Evangelism

One of our core values at Revive Israel is Indigenous Evangelism. By “indigenous” we mean within the local culture. The goal of indigenous evangelism is to reach the local people. To do this in any culture often means discarding ministry methods and structures that were successful in other countries but are not bearing fruit among… Read more »


Living For His Glory

The slender, animated young man standing beside Eitan Shishkoff, translating the Rosh Hashana message into Russian is Sasha Kovnator. We have a number of excellent translators at Tents of Mercy, but probably none are as lively as Sasha. His theatrical delivery and mimicry of both Eitan’s voice and movements convey the heart of the message… Read more »


The Shofar Sounds

The Torah tells us to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah to announce a holy day of rest and remembrance (Lev. 23:23); a day set apart for Israel to remember all that God has done. A day when God calls us back to Himself. The shofar’s blast evokes the remembrance of that awesome blast of… Read more »


Facing Adversity With a Smile

Sasha has a twinkle in his eye and a joke for every occasion. I imagine that his mischievous sense of humor and creative approach to life may have presented something of a challenge to his parents and teachers. But there is much more to Sasha than a ready smile and cheerful demeanor. Sasha was born… Read more »


Sukkot – Yeshua’s Birthday?

I was teaching two young ladies in our Bat Mitzvah class and we were studying the yearly cycle of holidays that God has given to us. I asked them if they knew which festival came after Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and one of the girls answered “Chag HaMolad” – literally “Celebration of the Birth”… Read more »


Sarah Urbach

  Sarah Urbach was a pioneer, one of the first Israelis to follow Yeshua in the 1950s. She was resolute, unshakable in the insistence that “the stone the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.” No shrinking wallflower overshadowed by her dynamic husband, Eliezer, Sarah was a fearless and devoted evangelist in her own right…. Read more »


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