Asher’s Harvest

In the golden twilight of a May evening, under stately eucalyptus trees, the dream of Gamliel Asher—to establish a Hebrew-speaking Messianic congregation in the city of Akko—became a reality. The name of this new congregation is “Harvest of Asher” and the meaning of this name is two fold. Akko is in the territory allotted to… Read more »


Rabbinic Literature

Over the past 2,000 years a vast sea of literature has developed in traditional Judaism, starting with the Mishna (codified in the early 3rd century AD) and the Gemara (mid 5th century AD). (Note: The New Covenant was written by the end of the 1st century AD – which means that it far precedes these… Read more »


Hope Is Not Lost – Tikvah’s Testimony

Raised in a Traditional Orthodox Israeli Jewish family, Tikvah’s parents divorced when she was 5 years old, after many years of strife in the marriage. The youngest of 11 children, Tikvah was always praying for peace between her parents, always searching for spiritual truth, for as long as she can remember. Tikvah’s name means “hope”… Read more »


The Exodus Experience

                Recently I was meditating on how central the “baptism” experience is to New Covenant faith (Acts 2:38 -“Repent and be immersed everyone of you…”). It seemed as central as…as…and then it hit me: as central as crossing the Red Sea was for the people of ancient Israel…. Read more »


Best Wave of the Day

BEST WAVE OF THE DAY … Needing desperately to re-connect with God, I headed for the beach late Monday afternoon. An exhilarating variety of dark cloud formations moving to stately tempos, dwarfed the sizable port city of Haifa, perched atop Mt. Carmel. The Almighty riveted me with this scene, drawing me up and out of… Read more »


Yeshua’s Ministry Pattern

We look to the ministry of Yeshua and the apostles as a pattern upon which to build our ministries today. Here are some pointers: 1. PREACHING WITH ANOINTING Yeshua was first of all a preacher. He taught with anointing from the Holy Spirit. Yeshua often ministered from Isaiah 61:1, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon… Read more »


Who Am I? The Question of Gentile Identity

As we walked past the Egyptian exhibit in the Museum of Art History in Vienna, I noted the great importance placed upon memorials for the dead. The wealthy took great pains to prepare proper tombs and memorials. Embalming to preserve the body was of prime importance. Why did the Egyptians do this? It was a… Read more »


The Three Dimensional Kingdom

As God made man in three dimensions – spirit, soul and body – so has He designed the Kingdom of God. After Yeshua (Jesus) was raised from the dead, He spent forty days with His disciples in an intensive teaching program, “speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God (Acts 1:3).“ In the… Read more »


He who FALLS will STAND

Jerusalem holiday crowd like to those Shimon Kefa preached to Downtown Jerusalem moved with the normal busyness of a national holiday. It was a cloudless spring day. The city was energized by cheerful activity. Social upheaval had marked the previous festival time of Passover so her citizens were looking for a respite from violence and… Read more »


The Need to be Disillusioned

“On this mountain He will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations; He will swallow up death for ever.” Isaiah 25:7 One of the greatest needs of the human race is to be disillusioned. One of the greatest tasks of conveying the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom… Read more »


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