An Easy Solution and a New Organization: All Black Lives Matter


The Black Lives Matter movement official leadership is Marxist, anti-family, and anti-American.  Check their website.  Check their funding for Democrats (who are not all Marxists of course) and then check where they get their funds.  The official BLM movement is an anti-police movement, because the police protect the system, even if a majority of police in some cities are black.  For the official BLM organization, only those black lives matter that can be used as propaganda to fuel their anti-America agenda.  For BLM, most black lives do not matter because the story of these blacks does not serve their Marxist agenda and propaganda. I understand the offense for responding and saying, “All lives matter.”  Yes, of course, for the idea is that the black lives matter phrase is highlighting the injustices in black lives. I wrote an extensive post on this yesterday.  However, I want to see a new organization, All Black Lives matter.”  This would change the whole thing.

  1. Black lives unjustly killed by or brutalized by police matter.
  2. Blacks unfairly profiled and shamed by police matter.
  3. Blacks who are the subject of unfair discrimination matter.
  4. Blacks who are killed in our inner cities matter.  (7,500 per year-this is the greatest carnage and not emphasized by BLM or the media because it does not help their agenda.)
  5. Black police lives matter, those who have lost their lives protecting others and who have been injured and who have saved others.
  6. Black lives saved by police matter.  Thank God they still live.
  7. Blacks matter who are stuck in failing public schools and do not have educational choice as a way out.
  8. Blacks who are raised without the support of a father matter.
  9. Black fathers matter and need job training and support to be fathers.
  10. Black lives matter in regard to economic success and the need for job training and income support as they develop.
  11. Black children’s lives matter, who have been killed in gang violence.
  12. Blacks who commit non-violent crimes and are sent to be brutalized in prison rather than reformed matter.
  13. Unborn black lives matter.
  14. All Black lives of are so important that Blacks are intended for eternal life through the Gospel. Only through the Gospel can Black lives matter forever.  Jesus died for the salvation of Black people!!

All Black Lives Matter