Also Executor of the Wrath of God


We have known Yeshua as the healer walking by the Sea of Galilee. But we haven’t known Him as YHVH-Yeshua, the commander of the armies of heaven, the judge of all the earth, the executor of the wrath of God, the omnipotent and “pantokratic” (all-ruling) king.

In order to deal with the events before us, we need to have a radical change in our understanding of who Yeshua is. This is what happened to John on the Isle of Patmos.

John was shocked and transformed by the experience on Patmos. John “the beloved” had known Yeshua as his friend. During the “Last Supper” he had leaned on Yeshua’s chest, but now he fell to YHVH-Yeshua’s feet as if dead (Revelation 1:13-17). We all need to have our own personal Patmos-type experience. How can we deal with the events of the book of Revelation if we can’t deal with the Yeshua of the book of Revelation? Yeshua has two forms: one of glory and fire and one of non-glorified human appearance. He came the first time with a normal humble appearance, riding on a donkey (Zechariah 9:9, Matthew 21:1-9). But He will come the second time in the glorified divine form, riding a white horse, with eyes of fire (Daniel 7:13-14, Revelation 1:14; 19:11-16).

Mankind has been alarmed at this virus epidemic which is still a long way from killing one-thousandth of humanity. The book of Revelation speaks of one-third of humanity being killed (Revelation 9:13-18; 16:1-9)! This is a critical “kairos” moment of transition. Let’s read and understand Revelation chapter one so we can embrace and even experience the events of the rest of the book. Many of the Jews misunderstood Yeshua at the time of the first appearance. Many Christians will likely misunderstand Him at the second. This is no longer a matter of theoretical theology. We are crossing into the end times, and we need to have an understanding of the end times’ Yeshua.

Before Moses faced Pharaoh in Egypt, he needed to understand Jehovah’s mighty ways of judgment and redemption. Before we can face the end times, we also need to understand Yeshua as “Jehovah-Jesus.” The mighty ways of judgment and redemption of Yehovah are also in the name of Yeshua, and we have not realized it. As Yehovah sent Moses and Aaron to confront the evil empire of Pharaoh, so is Yehovah-Yeshua sending us to stand against the evil powers of the Beast in the end times (Revelation 11:8). The authority of the name Yehovah is inside the name Yeshua. Let us resume the Exodus cry and the Exodus moment:

“Let My people go!”