Ahavat Yeshua Jerusalem Congregation

Dear Friends,


Thirteen years ago I gathered with several dozen people in the Negev desert for a short retreat to birth a new Jerusalem-based congregation. That weekend Ahavat Yeshua (The Love of Yeshua) became a reality under the leadership of Asher Intrater, president of Tikkun Global, and Eddie Santoro.


The congregation has grown into a Hebrew-speaking, indigenous expression of Yeshua in the Holy City. This year the congregation said goodbye to longtime senior pastor, Eddie Santoro. Hundreds gathered at his graveside as he received his reward. The goal now, is to continue his legacy of preaching the gospel of Yeshua in Jerusalem.


Ahavat Yeshua currently rents space in downtown Jerusalem that allows them to hold a weekly congregational service plus one additional meeting. But they have no office space or meeting rooms or teaching rooms for small groups. In order to maintain this growth, something must change.


An opportunity for the congregation to have a “home” 24/7 has opened up only 150 meters from the hall where they hold services, and has enough space to hold 25-30 people at once.


The congregation would only have to pay half rent while getting full use. In addition, the improvements to the space will count toward rent! God is truly blessing the congregation to be able to convert this former apartment into “Chavrutah” a“circle of friends.” The vision is to create a casual space that can be used as both a clubhouse and a full-time office. Some examples…


After service on Saturday, the youth can all go to Chavrutah to hang out. This is a huge blessing allowing them to stay together until late in the day. Chavrutah will provide much needed office space.


Chavrutah will be dedicated to these Acts 2:42 activities:

  1. Biblical Teaching
  2. Fellowship
  3. Small Group Hospitality and Meals
  4. Prayer and Worship


One of the elders, Jonathan Moore says, “Dedicating space for these four activities in the heart of Jerusalem will be a like a heart pumping God’s love into the alleys of this city and the people struggling to live in it.”


In order to see this vision become reality, they need to renovate the space. They need to buy the equipment and create an inviting atmosphere for people to come and rejuvenate in God’s presence. They need a place where non-believers can feel welcome.


Here are some practical needs:

  •  Heating and air conditioning units – none currently exist.
  •  A secure front door with code entry – to avoid security issues.
  •  Workstations for computers – none currently exist.
  •  Meeting room – screen, conference call camera and speaker, table, chairs, etc.
  • Basic cosmetic renovations to the space (repairing small cracks, broken sockets, etc.)


We can accomplish all this and create a place of excellence and beauty for just $15,000. We want to stand with this core Tikkun congregation. Through Tikkun Cares, you, our dear partners are caring for ministries in Israel. Will you consider a generous donation to Tikkun, so we can see the Gospel go forth in Jerusalem? Please click below to donate.


For 1,900 years—since the days of Peter and John healing a lame beggar—the Gospel grew dormant in Jerusalem. We live in days of restoration! God has restored Jerusalem as a city, and now he is restoring the power of the Gospel in it!

Thank you for your support!

Ron Cantor,

CEO – Tikkun International


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