A Word for 2017


Valerie and I are part of a local congregation here in the Yad Hashmona Messianic Kibbutz, from which we want to share a short message for 2017

Three wise men from the East made a very long journey two thousand years ago. Upon arriving at their destination, what did they find? A baby in a stable. This may have seemed disappointing in human eyes … just a helpless infant? For this they traveled such a long way?!

However, this helpless infant was indeed born to become the king of Israel and bring salvation to the whole world.

We may think of the place to which God has brought us as pretty unimpressive. We may see the work that God is doing in our lives in the same way. Maybe it seems too simple. Maybe it looks disappointing. But the truth is that we should view ourselves through God’s eyes.

This year let us appreciate and value the work that God is doing in and through us. Let us cherish the place that God has brought us to in the kingdom.

Thank you so much for advancing the kingdom of Yeshua together with us.