A United Voice for Revive Israel and Tikkun Global Family


Forty years ago, God knitted several hearts together. Dan Juster, Asher Intrater, Eitan Shishkoff and Paul Wilbur committed to walk together in covenant loyalty, with a mutual theology and a driving vision. That was the foundation of what would become the Tikkun Global Family. By the grace of God, after all that time we are still together. This is a wonderful testimony of loyalty and unity.

Over the past few years, however, we have been wrestling with God, as He is taking us to the next stage in His plan for us. When I say wrestling, I mean countless hours of prayer and intense discussions. Finally, things have become very clear to all of us, despite the spiritual warfare.

Asher asked several of us about three years ago, “What is Tikkun?” He wasn’t asking because he didn’t know, but he was polling us to see how each of us saw it. We came to the conclusion that “Tikkun is a global family of Messianic networks, based in Israel.”

It was a revelation to all of us. We were no longer the one network that the “founding fathers” birthed so many years ago. We now had many ministries that connected to us like Paul Wilbur’s and my own, Messiah’s Mandate. Ariel Blumenthal had made great inroads into Asia, and Yuval Yanay had built bridges with France and Switzerland, as well as continuing to oversee Revive Israel’s local Israeli discipleship programs. Eitan had birthed five congregations in northern Israel with three of his spiritual sons, Leon Mazin, Guy Cohen and Avi Tekle. We now even have a connection with a large network in Africa that call themselves Tikkun Africa.

We had grown, but we were still joined together in covenant loyalty, mutual theology, and a driving vision to see the restoration of Israel and the Church. We adopted the phrase: “A global Messianic family of leaders, congregations and ministries.” Tikkun was not a ‘media ministry,’ but a family. On the other hand, Revive Israel, the ministry that Asher started in Jerusalem 15 years ago, had become the leading media voice in the Tikkun family.

Suddenly, things have become very clear to all of us: the media ministry within Revive Israel is “the media voice of the Tikkun Global Family,” and we are one united ministry. Not only was this clear to the Tikkun fathers, Dan, Asher, Eitan and Paul, but even the board was fully committed, as were our emissaries.

It is vital to emphasize that the local Revive Israel team does much more than global media, but it will serve Tikkun in this area. More importantly (in addition to media), we are involved in:

>> Local evangelism

>> Discipleship of Israelis

>> Congregational oversight and planting

>> Hebrew outreach online

>> Aid to needy Messianic believers

>> Employment for Messianic Israelis

We are now in the midst of repositioning both Revive Israel and Tikkun Global to reflect that new reality. Tikkun Global is the apostolic family. Together, with its local ministries, Revive Israel is also the name of our collective voice through media. Over the next six months, you will see this branding rolled out. Maybe you have noticed that it has already begun in our Internet communications. We look forward to this new, exciting chapter together with you, our supporters and friends, part of our extended global family.