A Testimony out of Domestic Violence


Dear friends, Thank you for joining us in prayer for people’s lives to be touched.

We have been seeing the Holy Spirit touch people. We would like to share with you a story that happened to one of the participants of the “Aleph” [Alpha] Club project. It is a true story that happened to real people (only the names are changed) and shows how God has worked in a special way in their lives.

We met Anne through her gifted daughter, who is a student in our Music and Art School. She had recently immigrated to Israel with her husband and two teenage children. Immigrating to a new country is always a challenge. Some can be tormented by nostalgia, others cannot reconcile cultural or social differences and so on. Anne knew her husband’s work as a military officer before moving to Israel had turned him into a hard man. Unfortunately, due to the difficulties that began after immigrating to Israel, he began to drink and it made him aggressive. At first, he just threatened and threw insults. Anne was determined to endure this to keep her family together. She tolerated it, but she was looking for help.

She decided to join the “Aleph” Club session in the autumn of 2018. While she was attending together with her daughter she was blown away by the positive atmosphere and support. At these meetings, she learned that the Bible is not as distant as it had seemed and speaks not only of heaven and saints, but also of ordinary people and everyday life issues, just like Anne’s. This helped her to not give up and to maintain the relations in her family, which were very strained at that time.

An Evening of Trauma

Then the last day of the “Aleph” Club came. On that day the participants went for a picnic by the Sea of Galilee, and a few people were baptized. It was a beautiful day: a Sabbath in nature, with prayers and songs about the God of Israel, and sweet fellowship.

Anne and her daughter returned home late that evening. She does not want to recall what happened afterwards. The neighbors heard loud screams and called the police. Then there was the hospital and doctors. Anne and her daughter suffered from concussions and other injuries from the beatings. Then came a conversation with social services and a statement to the police, after which her husband was put in jail for domestic violence. On that terrible night, Anne called and asked for prayer and support.

With her husband gone, Anne was the only one paying for childcare and housing. She had to work many extra hours and had hardly any spare time. Anne couldn’t even go to the doctor when she was sick and went to work despite her illness.

An Evening of Healing

Sometime after this calamity, we organized a prophetic evening that Anne decided to attend even though she was busy. The evening was held with the help of a group of prophetic friends from Germany.

The group from Germany invited everyone to try to practice hearing prophetically, in pairs. We asked everyone to think about the person they were sitting with and to ask God to reveal to them which biblical hero their partner resembles.

When it was time to share impressions, Anne’s partner shared a single word of knowledge: “Abigail!”

Anne had to admit that she had begun reading the Bible only recently, and did not yet know who Abigail was. Then Shira sat down with Anne side by side and told her the story from 1 Samuel, chapter 25, verse 3:

“His name was Nabal [fool] and his wife’s name was Abigail. She was an intelligent and beautiful woman, but her husband was surly and mean in his dealings…”

Anne suddenly had tears in her eyes, because the story of Abigail was indeed a story about her! Through the story of Abigail, she realized that God sees her and that He has not forgotten her but continues and will continue to take care of her every day, forever. Anne is currently doing a lot better and regularly attends the congregation.

As believers, we can say that not a single day passes without us seeing the hand of the Almighty at work. To see His works we only have to open our heart and mind toward Him.

That being said, prayer is one of the most important weapons with which God has entrusted us. We invite all of you to join us in prayer for God to work through the Return to Zion ministries, including the “Aleph” Club. This project is a result of teamwork, with the purpose of building the Kingdom of Adonai, the Lord and showing the love of Yeshua to the world through our simple, everyday lives.