While I Rode The Bus Home


Shmuel B. on the Bus

On the bus ride home from work at Revive Israel I sat down next to two women. One of them spoke of a doctor’s report concerning a problem in her hand. She said the doctor only made the hand worse.

Suddenly the Holy Spirit said to me, “Speak to them about Yeshua.” It took me a moment to receive courage. Then I spoke to them with authority: “Do you know why the doctor was not able to correct the problem with your hand? It is because there is only one true Doctor, and He is God.” Then I asked them if they knew that God says,

“I Am the God Who Heals You.” (Ex. 15:26) 

I shared other scriptures including Isaiah 53: He takes all of our sickness and all of our diseases. This is speaking of Yeshua.

I asked her if she would like me to pray for this because God would heal her right now, not me but Yeshua. She was willing. I prayed, and the Holy Spirit came. I said “You have been healed,” and she replied, “Yes, I have been healed.” She felt something new and unusual. Then just as we finished, the bus came to her stop.

The second lady who remained on the bus also asked for prayer. The Holy Spirit came again strongly with miraculous power. I said, “This is Yeshua whom we all rejected, but even so He still loves us.” She was so amazed she couldn’t even speak. The power of the Holy Spirit was obvious, and those surrounding us on the bus asked, “Why don’t you have a kippa?” (Jewish head covering) I answered, “It is not written in the Scriptures that it is required.” Then suddenly one of them said to the other, “He is right; it isn’t written.”

An Ethiopian woman listening asked, “How did you do all of this?” I said, “I did not do this. Yeshua did.” I told her how Yeshua saved me from a life with no meaning, so none of this could have happened because of me, but only because of Yeshua.

Idn and Shmuel on Another Bus

After a great day at the discipleship training center we got on the bus to go to Jerusalem. We didn’t know where we were going other than that we wanted to go somewhere and see God touching people. The two of us started singing on the bus. We weren’t able to make such a beautiful harmony with our voices, but we began to sense God was there with us. Suddenly we almost involuntarily stood up. We said, “God is here!” and asked if there was anyone who wanted to be healed of any problem. After several seconds of shock, a woman said she had a problem in her knee. We placed our hands on her leg. Soon she said the leg was healed! Everyone was in even greater shock and looked at us as if we had just fallen from the moon. When they understood what had happened, suddenly they started peppering us with questions. We opened our Bibles and started explaining who Yeshua is, whose name had healed her.

Shmuel B. at a Friend’s Wedding

All the soldiers in my little army unit were very, very close with each other. We went through a lot of dangers, pain and successes with each other. We are still in very close contact even though we have all been discharged from active duty. We all came to the wedding of one of the guys a few weeks ago. For the last year they have already known that I became a believer, and they have seen a big change in my life. At the wedding one of my friends had an injured leg and could barely walk, limping. I asked him if he believes in God, and that God can heal him now. I prayed for him and laid my hands on him. The power of God went through my hands and I could feel energy. I declared health over his whole body and told him to stand up. He got up and began to jump and say, “It’s gone! It’s gone!” Then he told all the guys what happened. Before the end of the evening the healed buddy insisted that I pray with all the guys together: “Pray for us. Give us electricity.” After we prayed holding hands together, all the others also sensed something. I hadn’t planned or tried to bring any of this about.

Liat and the Waitress in Jerusalem

A couple of us went out to eat the other evening and I volunteered to pray before the meal. I was very excited. Later I asked the waitress for some soup and she almost broke down in tears saying how the prayer I prayed had so moved her. As I left the restaurant I saw someone I don’t even know witnessing to the restaurant guard. The witness of Yeshua is going forth!

Someone Tries to “Hit On” Christina and Tamar in Tel Aviv

The other night in Tel Aviv, suddenly a male stranger started to talk with us. Tamar immediately started talking to him about God and the Messiah. I was praying the whole time. Several times the guy started to try to do something which we later understood to be mind-reading and fortune telling type things. The Spirit directed us how to respond to his questions. He was very puzzled that what he was trying to do was not succeeding. He could see that his own supernatural powers were not working. It was a contest between his powers and God’s. We were also able to share several testimonies of God’s miracle power. We saw a clear demonstration of God’s power.

Idan’s report from the Students’ Conference

On October 26-27, Messianic college students met for a conference on the theme, “People of Excellence.” There were about 200 participants including about 10 people from Ahavat Yeshua and the discipleship program. Freddy Intrater led the worship; our friends Caleb and Mordechai gave the teachings. The praise time was fantastic, as well as the speakers and the time together. Everyone felt a new freedom and unity.

Friday night a friend and I watched over the sound equipment all night. We had our sleeping bags there but could not fall asleep. We shared from our hearts until 5 o’clock in the morning. Everything in his heart was in my heart too, and we encouraged each other hugely. I began to see God’s hand in my life and how He is with me in every place. This came after a difficult period in my life. Since that conference I have seen God working around me clearly.