2020: A Year of Prayer and Harvest


Prayer and Harvest are symbiotic terms. Prayer helps birth the harvest into existence, but prayer without a harvest is barren. Prayer is, in a way, our agreement with God regarding a new reality that He has already predestined!

This past December the ministry of Tents of Mercy celebrated its 24th anniversary. In this season, we celebrate God’s faithfulness in keeping and prospering us thus far. As a sweet reminder of God’s goodness, during this anniversary month, the city in which we serve invited us to receive a certificate of appreciation for our work in the community.

For us, the award means much more than the acknowledgment of past efforts. It points to the future and is a reminder that the God who carried us this far will take us forward. Earthly awards are only temporary, and human acknowledgment is just that, but if we catch heaven’s attention by making room for God to display His might and power, then we are on an excellent path. That is what we are hungry for.

In light of that hunger, we have dedicated 2020 as a year of Prayer and Harvest. First in prayer we seek God. Then we prepare for the harvest to come.

Avi Tekle